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  • The Magic Number is an easy concept to undertand, but it isn’t always the most accurate measure. Kurt has taken it upon himself to explore the various permutations to explain what the Tigers real clinch number is.
  • Joel Zumaya has been electrifying this season with is triple digit fastballs. Joe Morgan claimed to be able to differentiate between 100 and 101 in what is one of the most ridiculous exchanges ever to take place in a broadcast booth. If you missed it, here’s the transcript. More interestingly it inspired this look back to the official timing of Nolan Ryan’s fastball in 1974.
  • Now it appears that Zumaya’s wrist is having a hard time keeping up with the rest of his body. Will Carroll speculated as much in dicussing Zumaya’s tendonitis:

    The word out of Detroit is that the tendonitis in his pitching wrist is minor, but there are whispers that his strong frame is taxing his wrist. Pitchers break the weakest link when things go wrong–most are weak at the shoulder or elbow, so it’s an interesting concept to think that Zumaya’s weak spot might be at the wrist.

  • And speaking of pitching, David Pinto took a look at how teams fared against the top 40 pitchers. The motivation is that for a team to have succes in the playoffs, it will typically have to come against top pitchers. At the time of the analysis the Tigers were 9-11, which isn’t great but it is in the top half of the league.

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  1. I remember listening to that. I think a 747 could have flown into my mouth it was so agape. And it wasn’t just what he was saying, but how he said it. Like he actually believed he could tell that difference in speed and to question him on it was an affront.

    Joe Morgan couldn’t be a bigger moron. He should run for political office.

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