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I had a great time with my fellow bloggers on Tuesday night despite the soggy losing-ness at Comerica Park. I’ll point you to Ian, Brian, and Samara who have done an excellent job wrapping up the night. But if you want one phrase to summarize the conversation it would have to be “What would Neifi do?” And I encourage you to check out the photography of the supremely talented Sam who managed to make rain look beautiful.

On to some links:

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    1. Just curious, but do you think someone could compile a list of who’s on the big league roster right now for us? With Dimitri gone don’t we have an extra slot? I’d like to see who’s up and who’s not.

    2. Since people appreciate the aesthetics, allow me to share something I built for my son’s bedroom. It is a combination entertainment center/garbage bin/laundry hamper…dig it.

    3. Thanks for sharing the amazing photo’s. Very talented work. As a life long Tigers fan who is now out of state, it’s nice to have some pic’s of the ballpark.

      I can’t believe I lived in Europe as an army brat for 12 years…moved to Michigan completely randomly…watched them suck for 12 years…then move just in time this spring for them to have a storybook season.

      It’s killing me not being more a part of it!

      Keep up the good work…


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