Game 138: Mariners at Tigers

PREGAME: Nate Robertson makes his 100th career start today as a Detroit Tiger. The last time a starter had a milestone game, the Tigers beat the bejeezus out of the Cubs to earn Kenny Rogers his 200th victory. Here’s hoping that they can get some of that magic back today.

Of course the Tigers problem lately hasn’t been pitching, but the complete lack of offense. The Tigers will look to get that going against lefty Jarrod Washburn.

Game Time 1:05pm

POSTGAME: Just a couple nights ago I called out Magglio Ordonez for failing to catch a ball that would have ended the game. Today Ordonez made a very nice sliding grab, to compliment his first inning 2 run homer. It doesn’t absolve him for Saturday night, but the effort and production today are needed and greatly appreciated.

It was also nice to see Chris Shelton back at first base. He was 0 for 2 with a walk, but his approach was solid. He did a good job laying off pitches out of the zone and didn’t look to be going all out to pull the ball.

Nate Robertson got more run support than he has in the last month it seems and he only needed 1 run. Thus continuing the excellent starting pitching streak the Tigers have been enjoying.

But the at-bat of the day had to be Omar Infante’s 9 pitch effort in the 7th that resulted in a two run double. And I’m not just saying that because his play continues to prove everyone right who lobbied for him to be the everyday 2nd baseman in Polanco’s absence.

So feel good for another day Tigers fans. We’ve seen some games that we thought were momentum shifters in the past, only to be stymied in the next game. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful win streak.

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  1. Was watching the FSN pregame. Today and throughout the week they still refer to the Tigers as the team with the best record in baseball. As much as I hate the fact, the Mets have had the best record all week. Shame on FSN!

  2. So JL sacrifies with runner on first/no outs in the 5th inning, but not in the 9th inning of a one-run game!

  3. It looks like Mags might actually start playing like a high paid right fielder. This is two games in a row with a big hit for him.

  4. Omar Infante = player of the Game? No one in this household would have predicted that.

    Might as well take Nate out now.

  5. Rogers, Robertson, Maroth, Ledezma, Miller. That’s the all-left-handed rotation for next year. When you add Verlander, Bonderman, Miner, and even Tata and Sanchez, that’s 10 starting pitchers that can be effective. I’ll bet 2 get traded and 3 go to AAA or the bullpen.

    Most likely to come in a trade are an elite LH 1B, OF, or DH. Someone like Adam Dunn, Adam LaRoche or Nick Johnson. I especially wish it will be someone with all 3 bonuses: good average, good on-base, and good power.

  6. Those sick stats from above look even worse when you look at the league overall. AL stats, the last 30 days, Tigers are last in runs, doubles, walks, obp, slg and ops. Last.

    And Thames can’t get in the lineup. Infante is only playing because of injuries. When they finally used Thames last night he hit for Infante.

    They are third in ERA and fourth in runs allowed over the same stretch. 23 left after today. I figure they need to win 95 to get in.

    Nice AB by Infante. If he sits again when Neifi feels better I am going to freak out.

    It’s going to be up to the veteran hitters that Leyland has confidence in: Ordonez, Pudge, Young, Guillen, Casey. If they don’t start to hit some we might not make it.

  7. God, I love when they win. I may be Detroit’s worst fair weather fan alive. Maybe I should move to Philly. Maggs, your not a “Fem-bot”…I should not have called you that.

  8. The Mets have not had a better overall record than the Tigers any day this week. They were tied at 84 games, but not above the Tigers.

  9. The Mets have the advantage in the loss column and have been running a couple percentage points above the Tigers, like he said. Virtual tie, but the Mets are indeed the best record.

  10. Nice to see a close game break against the White Sox. I also note that the Royals are up 4-1 on the Yankees. At this point, playing them 6 of the last 9 isn’t looking like the advantage it once did.

  11. Omar comes through in the clutch. Neifi who? What more does Omar have to do – or does Neifi have to botch up – for Infante to be in the starting lineup all the time?

  12. Good point Jim. Something we were tossing around here was that same possiblility. I know this won’t happen, but what if we landed an MVP caliber player, such as an A-Rod (who is a bad fit in that organization) by giving up a couple stud pitchers. Picture this: We give up Inge (to fill A-Rod’s gap), Andrew Miller (possible mvp caliber player), and another good young pitcher with a future (tata, sanchez, etc.). We’d be set. I would HATE to lose any of our young pitchers, but we have so many! For as long as I can remember, it’s always been the opposite. I hope we play well the rest of the year, but next year might be even better.

  13. Some stats on the losing stretch:

    Tigers are 9-17 over the last 26 games.

    But have only been outscored 103-94 over that stretch.

    Only 3 losses by more than 3 runs over the stretch (including extra inning loss on Saturday). Five wins by more than 3 runs.

    Pythagorean record over 26 games is 12-14.

    So I’m going to chalk the losing stretch up to a series of bad breaks more than to a major decrease in performance. My big concern at the all-star break was whether the starting pitching could hold up. It has. If the hitting can come back around to be simply average again, we’ll be in fine shape for the postseason.

  14. Hey Taylor, I agree with you, except I think I would try to pick someone else to trade rather than Miller.Maybe if he was right handed. Even realizing the abundance of left handed talent we have, I would be scared to death to give up Miller from what I’ve seen of him so far. He has “dominating Left handed starter” written all over him. I hate to put the Randy Johnson type tag on him, but I believe he could be close.

  15. Good points, Kyle. I agree. I think the pitching will hold up; but I’m still not sure about our hitting.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like every pitcher who faces us looks like he is a candidate vying for the CY-Young?, e.g. Saunders, Sowers, Wright, (even Washburn until the 7th)??? Not to mention all the Randy Johnson’s who have one of their best games of the season against the Tigers! I’m wondering to what degree Tiger’s hitters are slumping…or.. being that it’s late in the season, opposing pitchers have finally figured out (successfully) how to pitch to Tiger bats? Prime example: who’s hot now? Infante! (whom the scouts haven’t had a good chance to see until now) I suspect once opposing pitchers figure out they need to stop throwing fast balls to Infante his average will drop a bit. It just seems opposition has really zeroed in on how to pitch to the lineup…the Tigers are aggressive and impatient (whether a virtue or a vice is an issue for debate). The point is the Tigers are very perdictable. During this cold spell, opposing pitchers have really gotten our number.

    I hope we can step it up a little, be a little more patient (and agressive, too at times) just mix it up and set the rythm. What I’ve seen the past three weeks is just the opposite. Opposition has set the rythm.

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