Tiger Blogger Night at Comerica Park

On September 5th, me and some of my esteemed Detroit area blogger colleagues will be getting together to watch the Tigers take on the Mariners. So far it looks like the attendees will be The Bleacher Guy, Ian, Ryan, Greg Eno, Brian, and Samela.

We’d love for anyone else to join us. But to do that you need to know where we’ll be. You can find us in the mezzanine section 212, row 1. What’s nice is that if you’re curious as to what we look like, but don’t really want to interact, we’ll be on display like animals in a zoo.

If you’re already coming to that game, you’ll know where to find us. If you’ve been thinking about coming but didn’t know exactly where you wanted to sit, now you know.

If you are interested in coming, but don’t want to buy just a single ticket in hopes you’ll be in the general vicinity, use the contact form to let me know. If I have several people who do this, I’ll figure something out. (like you paypal me and I buy a block of tickets)

If you are a Detroit Tiger/sports blogger and want to be included, please let me know. We don’t want to exclude anybody.

8 thoughts on “Tiger Blogger Night at Comerica Park”

  1. I’ll be there with my baseball team that night. We’re sitting on the opposite side though.

  2. I would love to attend, but it seems that a trip from central Florida may not be in my best interests. Sounds like a lot of fun…here’s hoping you guys (and gals) get to witness a nice Tigers win.

    – Mark
    Bless You Boys

  3. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to meet my fellow bloggers.

    Kudos to Billfer for organizing this.

    For readers, I simply ask that you talk to me through my publicist who will be standing at the end of my aisle, and don’t look directly at me at any point during the game. Eye contact will throw off my entire night.

  4. Man, this sounds like fun. I’ll be thinking of you all, as I have to work that night. Why don’t you bring a big sign or something so we can look for you on TV?

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