Colon to DL and Neifi news

Jason Beck notes that Roman Colon is heading to the 15 day DL with neck spasms and Colby Lewis has been recalled.

The more significant and more troubling news is that Neifi Perez is your new everyday second baseman.

10 thoughts on “Colon to DL and Neifi news”

  1. Neifi can’t be all bad. He quite obviously donated both of his calf muscles to charity. How else to explain those things? They’re like twigs, man.

  2. I would really have to question Dave Dombrowski’s baseball acument if he’s willing to waste at bats on Perez. This isn’t 1916 anymore, second basemen are actually allowed to advance to first base or further on a hit ball.

  3. Gosh, why did they sign him for next year? Plonkers should be back in about six weeks, what are we going to do with Perrz?

  4. What a difference a year makes. In the past (Randy Smith), an apparent bad move like this would have had me shaking my head, “Same old Tigers.” This year… maybe Dombrowski and Leyland know something we don’t. Perez played for Leyland in Colorado.

  5. I do not understand why people keep knocking Perez?… Ok maybe his bat is not that good, i understand that… but stuff like what Infante did the other night with a automatic DP ball… that will not happen with Perez… he has a good glove and will make the plays that need to be made.

    Next year he will be a solid backup for Palanco and Guillen up the middle… also he can play third if needed.

    Solid pick up

  6. My PRECONCEPTION is that he hurts his own team with a bat. I still believe that. That is what I think going in. So far we’ve seen him in one game and he went 0-4. However, there is one at-bat that won’t tell the right story. In the middle innings (sorry, can’t be specific…look it up if you are anal) there was a bunting situation. I believe it was runner on 2nd and nobody out. The infield was playing in guarding against the bunt. Instead of the expected bunt, Perez hit a moderately deep fly ball to center that advanced the runner to third. Same result as a bunt, but it goes in the books as a straight-up out instead of a SH. It will count AGAINST him in the stats, but I count it FOR him, he did a good job – at least that time.

    I still can’t believe the salary Perez earns though. His lifetime OBP was a mere .301 going into the season. That has probably slipped to under .300 by now. His SLG is probably about the same. With no walks and no power he has to bat .340 to be a valuable addition. Let me say that again, if he bats .320 the rest of the season with the Tigers he STILL is a drag to the offense.

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