Game 85: Tigers at Athletics

PREGAME: The Tigers look to avoid their first sweep since the opening homestand against the White Sox. It will be Kenny Rogers against Kirk Saarloos. Game time 3:05pm.

POSTGAME: That was an impressive win. The bats finally put everything together after struggling the last couple days. Everybody picked up a hit except Marcus Thames who reportedly hit the ball hard a few times.

Kenny Rogers was hit pretty hard for the 3rd consecutive start. The first one I attributed to a small strike zone against the Cardinals. The last two make me a little more concerned. Oakland is not hitting the ball well right now, and yet they were consistently hitting line drives against Rogers today.

The good news from the pitching department was 3 1/3 scoreless innings from Roman Colon. He retired 10 of the 12 batters he faced to pick up the save.

10 thoughts on “Game 85: Tigers at Athletics”

  1. Shelton singles in two in the second. Hopefully, he’s turning things around. He’s batting .381/.480/.667 over the last week.

  2. It’s nice that Ozzie gave Maggs the nod for an injured Manny.

    Just when I get absolutely fed up with the guy’s childish antics, he goes and does something adult.

  3. Way to avoid the sweep Tigers! How about Colon pitching 3 1/3 scoreless innings for his first career save? No worrying about Rodney or Jones having to pitch – nice :).

    Doesn’t look like Verlander will be in the All-Star game. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that emailed Tigers fans and told them that he is currently in 4th place with the voting. Not sure who the leader is.

    Not sure what our numbers were for runners in scoring position, but when you score 10 runs in a game I think they must have done all right. In the previous couple of games I think they were an anemic 1-19 with runners in scoring position.

  4. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that emailed Tigers fans and told them that he is currently in 4th place with the voting. Not sure who the leader is.

    I got the email. Liriano has a comfortable lead.

  5. No TV, but a big win – I hoped we could go 5-4 on this road trip, and we need two out of three in Seattle for that to happen.

    It’s nice to see Colon pitch effectively as a swingman. Now we need to persuade Leyland to use Wil Ledezma in a similar role.

  6. Jeff M.-
    How’d u get that email
    I’m on all the tiger’s mailing lists and didn’t get it. Could you tell me which list you are on that enabled you to get that email?

  7. I, too, got that email and I don’t actually know why myself. I also get email from Oakland. I think it’s for making a comment on the MLB player blogs but honestly I don’t know.

  8. Henning makes a strong argument that trading for Abreu could happen soon. Monroe and a minor league pitcher (Tata?) for Abreu would be a slam dunk–assuming (1) the Phillies are mainly interested in dumping salary and (2) Illitch doesn’t mind picking up that salary.

    Not to get ahead of things, but I like the look of this lineup:


  9. How’d u get that email

    I don’t remember. I can forward it to you if you’d like, but it’s mostly just an advertisement. You can find the same basic content here

  10. Does it have something to do with ordering tickets online…I am on the Tigers, Indians, and Twins mailing lists…and I ordered tickets for games at all of those stadiums on line at one point or another over the last 5 years.

    Of course, The Indians are pushing Pronk really hard for this final vote thing, they send out at least an e-mail every four hours.

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