Cinco de Blog

I didn’t notice it until today, but The Detroit Tigers Weblog turned 5 years old on Monday. Thanks to all of you who make this a part of your daily internet routine.

12 thoughts on “Cinco de Blog”

  1. So what’s five years in blog years? You’re one of the old men around here.

    Congratulations on five years. That’s quite a mark.

  2. Congrats! Your blog has always been an enjoyable read — even in some of the much less enjoyable seasons you have covered.

  3. Congrats Billfer. Just found this blog this season, and really enjoy it. I really missed out not finding it sooner.

  4. Billfer, you have really enhanced the Tiger fan experience for me the last couple years. I wasn’t here at DTW in 2003, but from everthing I’ve read, you kept the torch burning. Good man.

    You are the Marcus Thames to other Tigers blogs’ Iguchi. Keep pancaking them!

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