Brent Clevlen recalled, Lewis out

My speculation in last night’s game post appeared to be sound. With the Tigers pressing needs for a pitcher seemingly put aside, and with a prety thin bench, Colby Lewis’ stay with the team was short lived. What was suprising was that Brent Clevlen was recalled.

Clevlen was awesome repeating at Lakeland last year, and had a very solid spring training. However his season at Erie has been a disppointment. He’s batting 222/303/341 with 120 strikeouts – including a stretch of 9 straight K’s just last week.

I would have expected the call be for David Espinosa (279/374/496)or Ryan Raburn (282/364/505) from Toledo. The main difference is that Clevlen is already on the 40 man roster where the other 2 aren’t. Right now the Tigers have 39 men on the 40 man roster, but a space will need to be available for when Mike Maroth comes off the 60 day DL.

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  1. I wouldn’t have predicted it, but it makes sense in hindsight, especially in light of the roster situation. If Clevlen is going to be a big part of our future, we might as well give him a taste, similar to what Verlander got last year.

  2. Clevlen has at least hit better the last month or so. But I can’t see him doing much at this point.

    They have some room on the 40 man. Woodyard, Santiago and Kirkland are all on it. And Nook. How far has he fallen? And Spurling. What does he need to do to come back?

  3. I wonder if this is a sign that no trades will be made before the deadline…why start Clevlan’s service clock if he’ll just be sent down in two days.

  4. In limited playing time at Erie Nook is hitting over .300 with 8 steals.

    In about 7 times more ABs, Clevlen only has 6 steals.

    Nook has major league experience and I’m sure he’s a better defensive outfielder, so I can’t figure out why he wasn’t called up.

  5. That’s a good point Chris. Maybe they just want a closer look at Clevlen, but you have to wonder if this is the time. At least Logan is a known quantity.

  6. Hmmm, too bad Clevlen isn’t a good defensive outfielder. I mean, just look at the past two chances he has been given in the Tigers outfield. Back to back outfield assissts, luck I guess. This guy has excelled everytime he has faced the big guys. Leads all kinds of categories in Spring training, his first few months after he was drafted he got the chance to face Clemens and hit a laser off the wall, faced Sabathia in spring training, I believe he had one or two RBI’s or was his only earned run, made solid contact against Randy Johnson. He also faced Rivera but was punched out due to Mariano being the man. Then he goes ahead and shoots one down the line on Santana for a double and then a single to right. Then 2 outfield assissts in two days. It’s time people stop basing a players ceiling on his minor league stats and start making their judgements when that player actually makes a major league start. I love it.

  7. Dillon, you screwed up my fantasy football team last year with your nagging injuries and Belichick’s gameday deceptiveness. Otherwise, I like your attitude about Clevlen. 🙂

  8. Dillon – who said Clevlen wasn’t a good defensive outfielder? And while he did an excellent job on both throws, there is a certain element of luck in having the opportunities.

    I also don’t see where anyone commented on his ceiling, but I’d be much more inclined to form an opinion on someone’s ceilng based on several seasons of minor league experience than on 10 innings in the majors.

    And in my mind, ceilings are very rarely based on minor league stats and more on tools. The stats are a measure of a player’s ability to put those tools to work.

  9. Hope yall watched tonights game. Ha, yeah, sometimes I might go a little overboard. Went to Highschool with Brent in Austin, been my best friend for years. I know what he’s capable of and the more chances he gets the more he will show. The next household name.

  10. Dillon-peace man, no one’s dissing your guy. If you noticed, you pretty much echoed my point. Judge a player by his big league performance, not the minors. (Sorry but I don’t count spring training games, even if they are against big-leaguers.) Prior to his call-up, Clevelen had no big leauge performance to judge, Logan did.

    That being said, I’m delighted by what Clevelen’s done so far, and hope his stay with the big club is long and productive. Calling him up was obviously a good move, as I’ve said elsewhere.

  11. Dillon, you want to know when Brent has arrived? When people stop spelling his name Clevelen, and use the more accurate Clevlen. Not singling anybody out here. I’ve seen it done on and have probably done it myself.

    Since you’re such good friends with the guy, can you give us an official pronunciation? I’ve heard it pronounced CLEEVE-LEN like the city, and CLEHV-LEN.

  12. Pronounced like the city without the d ending. I love this blog stuff, it’s like our own personal Around the Horn. I predict a homerun in the top of the 8th when he switches with ordonez. Maybe wishful thinking, never know. I’m guessing he’ll get another start on Friday for the opener against the Indians, forget who the pitcher is but he’s a lefty. Enjoy the game.

  13. Dillon, thanks for clarifying the pronunciation for me. I don’t live in Motown so I only hear it said on the broadcasts I get on the MLB Ticket.

    Like Anne said, nobody here is dissing your friend. We all wish him the best — but, of course, we’re Tigers fans! We will call it like we see it though, so you should be prepared for that.

    A future Tigers outfield of Clevlen, Granderson and Maybin sounds pretty sweet to me!

  14. Just got a text message, he’s getting the start tomorrow(Aug.6) against Sabbathia. Of course they need me at work so I get to miss his first game at Comerica.

  15. I feel a freak summer cold *cough cough* coming on… 🙂
    Just kidding. Enjoy the game however you can, even if it’s just checking the score on the net.

  16. Better treat that, just put some ‘tussin on it. Talked to Brent earlier, getting the start on Wed.

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