Game 77: Astros at Tigers

PREGAME: The story of this game may turn out to be last night’s Houston/White Sox game, which Houston was kind enough to win a a very protracted fashion. With the game going 13 innings, the Astros bullpen is tired physically. With the team probably not getting to their hotel until 4am, chances are they are sleepy too.

Zach Miner continues his quest to become the best rookie in the Tigers rotation. He’ll be opposed by Wandy Rodriguez. I don’t know much about Rodriguez except his first name is Wandy and he weighs 160 pounds. He walks his share (4.26/9IP), and doesn’t strike out a ton (5.71 K/9IP). Oh yeah, and he’s left handed.

The game also marks the return of former Tigers Phil Garner, Brad Ausmus, and Eric Munson. I’d like to see Munson hit a meaningless home run in this series. I always liked Eric, and I thought he got a raw deal from the organization with the various position changes. Then Trammell really relegated him to the bench. Of course if he’d performed better, he might have met a better fate.

POSTGAME: This is some kind of fun. Of course Jeremy Bonderman once again looks at Zach Miner’s run support and says, “What the?” The Tigers got production throughout the lineup. Fernando Rodney was filthy (yes I’m channeling Rod Allen) as he fanned all 4 hitters he faced.

On another note, I don’t know what Phil Garner was saying, but I’ve never been a fan of CB Bucknor. He was yelling more demonstratively than Garner was on that ejection. Make your call, take your abuse, and go back to your job.

Bring on Roger Clemens.
Game Time 7:05pm