Alexis Gomez returns

Alexis Gomez is the mystery player that the Tigers activated (thanks to Kyle for letting us know). To make room on the 40 man roster Mike Maroth was moved from the 15 to 60 day DL.

My only apprehension with Gomez is if Jim Leyland gets platoon happy with a hot hitting Marcus Thames. It looks like there will be a platoon tonight, but it will be with the struggling Craig Monroe in left field.

2 thoughts on “Alexis Gomez returns”

  1. Agree that Leyland going platoon happy is a concern. For all the talk about needing a left-handed bat, here’s Thames line vs. right-handed pitchers: .375/.478/.804. Admittedly, that’s only based on 67 PA, but it’s well above the level necessary to keep him in the lineup every day for the time being.

    On this topic, the Tigers are currently hitting .252/.302/.432 against left-handed pitchers and .282/.340/.465 against right-handers. So do we really think there’s a big need for a left-handed hitter? Or are these stats an anomaly to date and the need will emerge as the season progresses?

  2. I thought about that when Hannahan came up. Not entirely sure on this, but Granderson is the only lefty that comes to mind. With Dmitri on the DL etc… (switch hitter), its definitely a void.

    I wouldn’t sacrifice quality for handedness though. Not sure what Alexis Gomez will do; but he’s still gotta prove himself.

    Maybe Todd Jones can give up pitching and hit. I believe he’s a lefty when hitting.

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