Tata down, Colon up

Danny Knobler reports that after last night’s game, Jordan Tata was optioned to Toledo, with Roman Colon getting his spot in the pen.

This is probably the best scenario for a demotion, in that it isn’t a confidence shaking, failed performance, situation. Tata was solid, and not just for someone who had never pitched above A ball before. But he needs more innings and he wasn’t getting them at the big league level. And even in terms of demotions, he’s going to AAA. At the beginning of the season he was targeted for AA.

Colon has been quite good in his to Mud Hen appearances since coming off the DL. He’s thrown 6 2/3 innings with 6 strikeouts against 4 hits and 2 walks.

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  1. “Things happen,” said Guillen. “Guys on the bench don’t make errors. Guys sitting in the stands don’t make errors. You play every day, things happen.”

    I don’t like that response one bit. That does not sound like a guy who knows he’s underperforming. Hopefully, it was taken out of context.

  2. I think he knows. Other places I’ve heard that he was very dejected. I think in the quote he’s not trying to make too much of it, but then again I’m just guessing.

  3. Leyland has been trying very hard to keep the team from getting too up or too down. I think that Guillen was talking himself up. He knows that he is a good shortstop and has played that way. I hope that he believes that this is just a bad streak in the field that he will adjust out of, and doesn’t start thinking himself into trouble.

  4. I know it’s not a big deal at this point. I won’t be concerned unless it’s still a problem in July. I guess I was just expecting to hear him take a little more responsibility. Something more along the lines of “I know those were plays I should make. I know those were plays I can make. I know those are play I will make.” Maybe he said that too. Knobler’s the only one that knows.

  5. In case anyone missed this little tidbit:

    The Free Press reports that, according to Leyland, DY may be heading back to the DL.

  6. Aw, no AA for Tata? I have tickets to the Sea Dogs/Seawolves series next month (I live within walking distance of the Sea Dogs’ home field) and I was kind of hoping he’d be there. Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to cheer madly for Tony G instead. (I just tried to find a roster at the Seawolves site to refresh my memory, and did you know that such information as a minor league roster is apparently too top-secret to be shared? Grr.)

  7. Cathryn — got a chance to walk down to see a Sea Dogs game last year against the Fisher Cats and loved the stadium and area (and Portland in general). Picked up a Sea Dog Tshirt. I’ll be back in a couple weeks but it looks like I won’t be able to come in early or stay late and catch a game. I liked the little green monster.

  8. Stat of the day (warning: this will make you more concerned about Guillen’s fielding troubles)

    The Tigers’ pitchers lead the AL in ground out-to-air out ratio, and trail only two NL teams in that measure (Cardinals and Diamondbacks). And their ratio (1.53) is quite a bit higher than the second highest AL team (Blue Jays: 1.33).

    Ratios for our starting pitchers:
    Robertson: 2.19
    Rogers: 1.76
    Bonderman: 1.70
    Maroth: 1.56
    Verlander: 1.10

  9. Thanks for the link. Defensive efficiency was what I was going by. I was going to say 13 “ROE”s in 1229 PAs doesn’t worry me too much, but when Guillen is responsible for nine of them, that’s a little bit of a problem. I’m still willing him to cut him some slack since he’s been hitting so well.

  10. Actually fly balls are converted to outs at a higher rate than ground balls. The difference being that flyballs that aren’t outs are often extra base hits.

    Line drives are converted at the lowest rate (either you’re in the right spot or you’re not). Infield flies are converted at the highest rate.

    Good stuff though, thanks for keeping the site warm guys (Kyle et al) during my rehab assignment…

  11. I feel we may regret this move to send Tata to AAA. He pitched very well for his first experience in the Majors. If your looking to help a young talent continue to improve I would have left him in the Majors to face the best players in the game where he has had no major problems for such a young pither. Colon has done fine in the minors so far but his numbers in the Majors don’t compare to what Tata has done thus far. So much for Leyland keeping the 25 best players.

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