Game 51: Yankees at Tigers

PREGAME: A Memorial Day afternoon tilt against the Yankees in front of a sell out crowd? Good times indeed. The pitching match-up is a dandy as well with Jeremy Bonderman taking on Randy Johnson. The last time these two hooked up, it was a 10-2 thrashing by Detroit. It was also the only game the Tigers won against the Yankees last year.

Today also happens to be me and Mrs. Billfer’s anniversary. As such, this will probably the sum total of today’s postings.

: Jeremy Bonderman pitched much better than the box score will indicate. The Yankees weren’t hitting him particularly hard. The rallies consisted of some missed opportunities on double plays, and weakly hit ground balls that found a way. I remember exactly 3 line drives that Bonderman allowed – two were to Jason Giambi and one to Alex Rodriguez. Bonderman’s final numbers look uninspiring, but he deserved a better fate.

But the game was unwinnable as the Tigers failed to muster any offense for the second straight day.

9 thoughts on “Game 51: Yankees at Tigers”

  1. Billfer, Does this meen your going to the game for you anniversery?. That would be sweet.

    Hope the series is good and we play well.

    Lets not forget to remember out veterans today. We live in a free country decuase of their sacrifices of today and yesterday.


  2. Happy Anniversary! Hopefully (given the outcome) you didn’t take your wife to the game.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Let’s all look at the silver lining. We won the Cleveland series and still have three more with the Yanks. Two straight losses are nothing.

  4. You have to wonder if the way to disarm our hitters is to throw the name Johnson our way (Jason & Randy)…

  5. I’ll be at the tuesday night game to see if Colon can get us back on track. On another note, I have a favorite new Leyland quote from a little human interest article on the Tigers’ site… “They have more people on the toilets in Yankee Stadium than [lived in] in the town where I grew up.” This man is just a classic.

    Thanks for the great blog and all of the great comments.

  6. Happy Anniversary.

    Loved the latest Leyland quote as well, TM. Don’t know what the population was decades ago but the Perrysburg Chamber of Commerce site says there are 16,900 citizens in that fine city today.

  7. I’m from perrysburg and actually grew up playing baseball with some of leyland’s nephews and when he was going to school here there were probably only 10,000 people living here. Perrysburg has experienced a building boom, but at the time the entire city was 1 square mile.

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