Trammell and the Hall of Fame

It’s Hall of Fame voting season, and with the ballots due in soon, some BBWAA members have begun to post their ballots. For Tiger fans, this is the time of year when we are typically disappointed that our heroes of 84 get shockingly few votes. Now the candidates from that team are down to two, Alan Trammell and Jack Morris. While a case could be made for both, Trammell remains the more compelling candidate. At least as long as Bert Blyleven is kept out t, Morris can’t claim to be the most deserving pitcher on the ballot. On the other hand, Trammell is arguably the best infielder under consideration.

I’m not so much interested in making the case for Tram’s inclusion, but in tracking his chances. A player needs to be on 75% of ballots for inclusion, and Trammell only garnered 17% last year. After a quick search of Google News, here is how the votes breakdown:

Votes For (9):

Votes Against (24):

Now 16 17 18 votes does not a sample size make, so don’t read too much into this. However, things once again look grim, as not even a weak class can get Trammell noticed. As I see more columns in the coming weeks I’ll update this tally.

UPDATE 12/30: Twenty ballots that I’ve come across so far, and Trammell has only received 30% of the vote. At this rate an improvement over last year, but still disappointing.

UPDATE 1/04: Over the 33 ballots I’ve seen, Trammell has only 27% of the vote. Yes, an improvement over last year. But not nearly enough momentum and too low a starting point for real consideration. I think I’m done with the exercise for this year. The ballots have been cast and the results are due next week.

For more info: 2006 Hall of Fame Wikipedia Entry
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4 thoughts on “Trammell and the Hall of Fame”

  1. It’s really not surprising, or even that disappointing. That team rocked because all 25 players were above average (or atleast had above average years). That core of players never again came close to that level of success when the supporting players regressed to the mean. If any combination of that core was truly Hall-worthy, they would have done better than a 57% winning percentage from 83-88. I was even kind and left out the 35% they posted in 89.

    I love ’em too, but the bottom line is that their numbers are really good, but not great.

  2. He should be in, lets look at the numbers. If he didn’t play the same time as Ripken & Ozzie there wouldn’t be any question. He is left out because he was not as high profile as these 2 players. Trammell was ahead of his time, a 5 tool player power speed and average. Team leader and a rock defensively. I think it sucks that Trammell is struggling to stay on the ballot Hall while these 2 players were 1st ballot inductions.

    Ripken 11551 (AB), .276 (Avg),
    431 (HR), 1647 (R), 1695 (RBI), 36 (SB) & .977 (Fielding %)

    Smith 9396 (AB), .262(Avg), 28 (HR), 1257 (R), 793 (RBI), 580 (SB) & .978 (Fielding %)

    Tram 8288 (AB), .285 (Avg), 185 (HR), 1231 (R), 1003 (RBI), 236 (SB) & .976 ( Fielding %)

  3. Lynn Henning is rediculous. I don’t care that he doesn’t vote for his hometown guys, but he openly admits that he votes for them some years, but not others. This guy, like many of the voters, has no sense of responsibility. Zero. None. Either the guy is a hof’er or not. Their career does not change year to year, neither should your vote.

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