Next Year…literally

The Tigers released their schedule for 2006. They open the season with in Kansas City on April 3rd. After the 3 game set they travel to Texas for four games before the home opener agains the White Sox on April 10th. April sees the Tigers play 13 games against the AL West including a 9 game road trip to the coast.

The most interesting homestand will bridge Memorial day weekend when the Tigers host the Indians for 3 games. Then Yankees (4 games) and Red Sox (3 games) make their only trips to Detroit.

The second half of June is all interleague play. The Tigers take on the NL Central this year. They host Cincinnati (in May), Houston, and St. Louis. They face Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and the Cubs on the road.

And you may have noticed that the Tigers natural rivals – the Arizona Diamondbacks – are not listed as interleague opponents. I don’t know if MLB has modified or the dropped the rivalry aspect or not. In any case, I’ve never been so happy to not play a bad team.

Here is the full schedule.

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  1. Well I sure would rather see Cincinnati and Houston rather than the Yanks and the Red Sox a couple of times. What a joke.

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