Tigers Streaking

Random Thoughts while watching Detrot’s dominant pitching:

-The Tigers have won consecutive games for the first time in awhile. The Tigers last winning streak was April 23rd and 24th when they took the first two games of a series against Cleveland. Before that, their only other win streak was the 4-0 start to the season

-Esteban Yan picked up his 2nd four-inning save of the season. Yan struck out 4 while retiring all 12 batters he faced. The Tigers now have 3 four inning saves on the season (Robertson picked one up in Toronto).

-Gary Knotts was streaky for the Tigers last year. Fortunately he was “on” tonight. He only allowed 2 hits over five innings of work while striking out 5

-After the debacle last Saturday, the Tigers were allowing 6.33 runs per game through the first 30 games. After a week of pitching dominance, their per game average has dropped by over half a run to 5.77 through 35 games.

-In limited duty this year, Omar Infante has a .381 OBA. He has walked 7 times in his first 42 plate appearances. In 244 plate apperances last year he had 18 walks.

-Eric Munson sat again despite the fact the Tigers were facing a right handed starter. Munson has only started 4 of the last 10 games (and in one of those starts he only garnered 2 AB’s).

Trammell has made comments that the team is playing to win, and they can’t afford the patience that they showed last year. I can respect that line of thinking. What I can’t understand is how that line of thinking supports having Greg Norton in the lineup in Munson’s place. Norton’s bat continues to be more anemic than Munson’s. So it must be Norton’s superior defense right? Well, Munson’s zone rating is .671 (which isn’t good). Norton’s ZR at 3B is .619. Yes, Munson has made more errors, but Norton isn’t getting to as many balls.

If Tram wants to start Inge who is fielding solid and swinging the stick well, that’s fine. Just don’t bench Munson in the name of trying to win and replace hime with Greg Norton.


  1. Jason R.

    May 17, 2004 at 2:05 pm

    Re: Munson/Norton. Well said – have to wonder if perhaps Munson did something off the field to tee Tram off, aside from a prolonged slump. I hate to speculate on that kind of stuff, but like you said, what other reason could Tram have for consistently starting a career pinch-hitter like Norton.

    I hope Infante can keep it up. If he can show an ability to be at least league-average at the plate, perhaps Vina can be relegated to a lesser utility role, one that is less demanding on his health. He still would not be worth $6M, but that’s water over the dam.

  2. david handy

    June 3, 2004 at 8:18 am

    keep the singing hotdog guy at least he does not rip off money like the vendors!!!!!!