Catching Up

That pesky work took me out of town and has kept me pretty busy. Fortunately, the crunch has passed and I can focus some more effort on this blog and my AL leading run scoring Tigers.

-I’m finding that the play of the Tigers has an impact on my mood each day. After so much losing the past few seasons, I got good at shrugging of losses and downplaying wins. This year I’m getting a charge out of each win. It puts an extra hop in my step. Each loss, I’m pretty disappointed. Either way, the feelings last more than just a few minutes after the game.

-Brandon Inge, who knew. Tonight he had a huge inning that included a triple and his first career grand slam. Thirty-six at-bats is a minute sample, but I’m happy to see Brandon playing well. Plus, a player that can fill in competently at centerfield, catcher, and third base is valuable to most any team.

-Jason Johnson had another short outing only lasting 5 innings. He got little support from the pen as both runners he left behing scored. One of the knocks on Johnson has been his endurance. This has often been tied to his diabetes. However, for his career he’s averaging 17.2 pitches per inning pitched which will cut quite a few outings short. In his last start he threw 106 pitches to 24 batters.

-Despite dropping a few games, the Tigers are continuing to garner national interest. ESPN2 has added the April 28th game against Anaheim to their schedule.

-Congratulations to Brian and Tigerblog for all the attention he’s receiving for his 1984 diary. It was mentioned in Eric Neels’ Page 2 article.