Disclaimer: This entry contains no insights/analysis/or useful information

This has been a particularly frustrating week, even by Tiger standards. It’s getting harder and harder to write about this team. Wednesday night I was watching the game, and I was preparing to write about how Trammell finally shook up the lineup. He shifted from the speedy-centerfielder has to lead off philosophy, and put Higginson on top, which makes sense.
Higgy definitely hasn’t been hitting like a number 3 hitter (or even a right fielder) with a .340 slugging percentage. However, with an OBA in the .330’s, that is pretty good in the context of the Tiger lineup. And in the first inning he drew a walk, and that was great. I was also going to write about how Maroth was throwing a great game, and how I thought Tram pulled him at the right time, because he definitely labored in the 7th. And I was going to talk about one of Omar Infante’s at-bats that showed promise, but ultimately showed how he’s just not there. He got behind 1-2 early, fouled off some balls, fought back to a full count, and then weakly swung at a shoulder high pitch to strike out.

But then while 1 of the 8 runs in the 8th scored, I realized how silly it is to analyze the minutiae on this team. It’s not like one at-bat, or one good performance, or a good managerial decision will fix this team. Any sort of analysis will show that the team isn’t very good, and probably won’t be anytime soon.

However, in the interest of continuity, I will mention that Omar Infante was sent down to make room for Carlos Pena today.

Sometimes I think I just need to write these venting posts.