Game 2012.8: Tigers at White Sox

5-2, 1st place, .5 games up on CWS. Here’s a random Fox News article about how great the Tigers are.

Also – this just broke, Clete Thomas has been claimed by the Twinkies.

Adam Wilk makes his big league starting debut this afternoon a little ahead of schedule as he fills in for Doug Fister. Wilk was an 11th rounder (out of the 100 or so that make up the MLB draft, so that’s pretty good) in 2009, and has had an impressive minor league career to date, posting a 2.58 ERA in 60 career starts. He strikes out enough (almost 7 per nine), but he doesn’t walk many and has a career 1.02 minor league WHIP.

In case you missed the transaction line yesterday, Inge came up with Wilk, and Villareal and Worth were sent down. Wilk should be here through another start until Fister is back.

1. Jackson, CF
2. Boesch, RF
3. Cabrera, 3B
4. Fielder, 1B
5. Young, LF
6. Avila, C
7. Peralta, SS
8. Dirks, DH
9. Raburn, 2B

Yup, Dirks at DH with the ballerina in left.

48 thoughts on “Game 2012.8: Tigers at White Sox”

  1. And the Brandon Inge saga continues, as another probably better player bites the dust (Clete).

    1. Inge says his stroke will return, so it’s OK.

      Thomas was probably a goner in any case at some point as the Tigers are loaded up with outfielders in the minors, although he would be a handy guy to call up in a short-term emergency. He was a good guy, but had little up side (more than Inge though!), so best of luck to him. I thought there was a good chance he would get through waivers. The fact that the Twins picked him up says more about the Twins than the Tigers.

    1. Maybe never, but that is OK ’cause of all the baserunnsers /runs we are goning to get. There will be times when it gets maddening though. And remember the game lst year when V-Mart had 4 GIDP in one game (or was it only 3) – that ain’t gonna happen again (well maybe Young could do it).

  2. Inge will get his stroke back….when your stroke is only .211 it should be relatively easy to ge it back….just sayin

    1. On the other hand if this was August (or spring training) he would have cleared the baes – with a hit I mean.

  3. Floyd can be kind of a bugaboo for the Tigers, so Wilks needs to jeep this thing close. Nice 7 pitch 1st inning.

  4. I was bummed a couple years ago when we did not get Dunn. Turns out he is worse than Inge. Who’da thought

  5. Seriously, how has Leyland not figured out that Raburn can’t hit the broadside of a barn before July?

  6. So…where has that multi-million dollar offense of ours been the last couple days? Did it stay behind in Detroit? I’m going to request a refund if they lose this series to the dirty Sox…

  7. Good hustle AJAX who wasn’t about to let Boesch hit him into another double play!

  8. Where have the Tiger bats disappeared for the last two games? I hate having to listen to those Sox announcers.

      1. Schlereth should have a seat right next Inge and Raburn on the bus out of Detroit, yet those three seem to be Leyland’s favorite players…

        1. It’s not whether you win or lose…it is how you look playing..Schlereth shaved his beard!

  9. Looks like a loss, and it looks like we aren’t going wire to wire this year. Not worried about the team though.

  10. so now the Tigers have scored 3 runs in 18 innings v WSox pitching…………that ain’t gonna get it done

  11. allowing Laird to pinch hit for Avila might have been the icing on today’s cake.

    silver lining: Jackson is still hitting the ball well, 154 games remain…and they’re still in the AL Central

  12. Well, that was kind of a snoozer, but we can’t expect them to do a come-from-behind every game. Wilks did well though, with the exception of the 2 HR. Definitely need to see more Santiago at 2B. Oh wait, Inge is back.

  13. Just got a peek at today’s lineup, and the lineup alone should generate a season-high in comments.

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