Game 2011 Playoffs.5: Tigers at Yankees

(Note: tonight is a combined Coleman/Kevin In Dallas post, kind of like the Verlander/Fister Game 1 start–hopefully with better results).

On March 31st, Curtis Granderson hit an insurance home run in the bottom of the 7th off of Phil Coke (who was brought in to just face Granderson), while Austin Jackson went 1-4 and Alex Avila went 0-4 in a 6-3 Tigers loss.  JV took a no decision.  After 166 games in 189 days, we’re right back where we started.

JV (most likely) will not factor into the decision tonight, but Doug Fister will in a rematch against Game 1 Part 2 opponent Ivan Nova, who just 3 months ago was demoted to the minor leagues, while Fister suffered on last-place Seattle.

Fister gave up 6 runs in 4 2/3 innings, but didn’t pitch as badly as that sounds.  He started off well, putting the Yankees behind consistently in the count–the first time through the order, 6 of 9 Yankees were caught looking at first pitch strikes.  Expect the Yankee hitters to take a more aggressive approach tonight.

(Speaking of aggressive approaches:  Delmon Young swung at 11 first pitches in his first 13 ALDS plate appearances).

Nova pitched well, allowing 2 ER over 6 and then gave way to the Yankees bullpen.  The Tigers will have to hit him harder tonight, or at least make contact–Cabrera, Martinez, Jackson, and Raburn all had swinging strike 3s against Nova.  But Nova will not be so nova to the Tiger hitters the 2nd time through.  And perhaps tonight’s earlier (8:07) start will throw him off.

It would help for the Tigers to capitalize early.  Tuesday’s first inning Granderson grab was the 2nd consecutive game the Tigers failed to take advantage of an early bases-loaded situation.  In fact, the 14 times in the regular season that the Tigers had the bases loaded with less than 2 outs in the first or second inning, they ended up with a .091 BA and .182 OPS.

It would also help for Austin Jackson to get on base,  and maybe Don Kelly in the 2nd spot will provide a spark, or at least avoid the GIDP or failed sacrifice problem that has hurt Detroit.

(Leyland has indicated a Kelly to RF/Inge to 3B defensive shift is likely later in the game).

If the Tigers do strike early, Yankee manager Joe Girardi has indicated that he is willing to use Rivera for 2 innings, and will have CC Sabatia available in the bullpen.  No Verlander for Leyland though, and probably no Alburquerque either.  Leyland is set to go with Fister, Coke, Benoit, and Valverde. If Fister doesn’t make it far enough into the game, Max Scherzer will be the guy.

Tuesday night’s debacle was the most watched LDS game since 2007.  The Tigers have one more chance to show the baseball-watching world what they are really made of.  As Brandon Inge said, “it’s hard to beat us 2 games in a row.”

Stat to remember – Game 3 Winners (Tigers) have won 83% of the last 23 LDS.  Time to pick a winner.  Have fun everybody.  Let’s play ball!

Player of the Pre-Game: Alex Avila

Has Iron-Man Alex finally worn down? Avila has yet to have a hit in the postseason, and has in fact struck out 6 times in 15 plate appearances, a rate almost twice as high as his regular season rate.  Batting between Cabrera-Martinez-Ordonez and the hot Peralta, Avila could swing the course of the game with a timely hit.

Today’s Hmm-Let’s-Try-This Lineup:

  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B


92 thoughts on “Game 2011 Playoffs.5: Tigers at Yankees”

  1. I hope the threat of this might being his last game will spur Mags at the bat. However I certainly hope we will see more of Mags this season!

        1. He claimed he was not one in Game 1 post…which I believed, until the pro-Inge post. But, yeah…(?)

  2. This one is for all the money. If Tigers win w/o Verlander and with Kelly in the #2 spot then Leyland is a demented genius. But, logically, rationally, the two moves seem not great.

  3. Lets Go Tigers…………………………… Lets Go Tigers !!!!!!

    Lets Go Tigers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It helps to play Bob Seger to get a little more pumped and a tad more adrenaline going.


    PS: Feel like a number / Hollywood nights

    1. In that case, time for some Stooges, Search and Destroy! (I’m a streetwalkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm…)

  5. The top of the first felt great. Let’s see Fister deal a solid inning and these guys are going to be pumped.

  6. It’s amazing that we’re even in this with nothing from the leadoff spot and an O-fer from Avila

    1. Agreed but they pretty much have nothing from A-Rod and Texeria. I just said to my son, is it possible back to back jacks in the first hold up?………….. That would be cool

  7. Mags laces a single and the TBS announcer say ho-hum and then right back to talking about the great Yankee pitching!

  8. I kind of understand why the Yankees are changing pitchers so much, but you have to think sooner or later we’ll get lucky and get one who’s really having a bad day.

    Hope it’s right now.

  9. Hey Andrew, how about Crooked Cap coming in and getting spanked. Let’s give him something to remember over the winter!

  10. Yeah, I think CC might be what we need. He didn’t look great last game.

    But we need to get some outs right now. Or we’ll be going for Scherzer soon.

    Let’s get a DP!

  11. Where is TSE to ask why someone like Kelly can’t execute a bunt? He’d be right…

    Oh well, let’s go big bats!

  12. Santiago – nice to see that kind of grab from a Tiger for a change.

    This is a big inning to try to get another run with the big 3 Yankees in the bullpen.

  13. “A little bit of a delay because there’s no left fielder,” as Raburn trots on the field…oh, if they only knew…

  14. Benoit, you are a gem and a blessing! And your friends at TBS kept refering to your pre-May stats!

  15. TIGERS headed to Arlington! Let’s listen to the bedlam! This one is for you Ernie and Sparky

  16. I didn’t watch, just followed the play-by-play online. Did Young get hurt during his last AB? Pretty bad news if he’s done for the season.

  17. Hey, the Tigers are’t wearing swimming googles in the clubhouse! Bring on the Rangers!

  18. Wife is headed to Texas tomorrow to visit daughter who is 20 days younger than Little Ricky. Porcello. Should I go or stay with Jim and Dan?

  19. ” ‘As Brandon Inge said, “it’s hard to beat us 2 games in a row.’ ”

    As far as I can tell, August 28-29 was the last time the Tigers lost 2 in a row. Incredible. (Or, Ingecredible).

  20. The TBS announcing crew only had words and admiration for the Yankees. Every word but a few was touting the :great” Yankee team and how they had Rivera to close when they eventually took the lead, as they had assumed all night. Darling at least tried to talk about pitching some of the time, but still tilted it, Fister better look out, Shrezer has to stay in side……etc. in the end they ate all their words and the Tigers moved on and the Yankees egos can move on to their millions WITHOUT A TITLE

  21. As I mentioned before this series started, the media talks about the Yankees before and after. This morning on my drive-in, Jim and Rob on MLB XM were already blaming Joe G. for not adjusting the lineup during the series all the while not giving the Tigers any credit.

    This media should change with the upcoming Ranger v. Tigers series. That is, OMG, a ALCS with two teams not in the northeast or SOCAL market?!?!

    I did enjoy seeing last night’s TBS post-game crew dressed in camo getting ready for the off-season.

    So just smile and take it!

    1. Most of the media doesn’t seem to recognize that there is land between the two coasts. Whatever. I’ve been listening to Colin Cowherd for a few minutes and he literally hasn’t even mentioned who the Yankees lost to. Also, he is a very dumb human.

      1. That’s what you get for listening to Colin Cowherd. You guys should try streaming the Ticket from Dallas. It really will change your life.

        From what I could tell, Sportscenter did 4 segments on the game, and then another 4 on the Yankees. Not that this is news to anyone. Delmon Young hit 3 bombs, no big deal. The Tigers are 80-0 when leading after 7 innings, meh.

        But I did love the ARod segment. I was at game 6 in Arlington last year when Feliz buckled his knees with a 1-2 curve, that weak swing at a fastball that he barely saw last night may have been even better.

        1. This morning on XM MLB the announcer and callers where breaking down the Yankees and what they need to do for next year. I was amazed to hear that the announcer said that they need to rebuild the bullpen as it was no longer good. TBS must of not have got that memo as last Thursday the bullpen “was the best in baseball.” Also, all of a sudden ARod and Derrick the Jeter are now “old.”

  22. They don’t pick ALDS MVPs, but who would you pick?

    I guess the leading option would have to be Delmon Young with his 3 solo homers. But he wasn’t the only one to put in an outstanding performance.

    Scherzer really impressed me with his two strong games. Benoit got the job done in his 2 tough outings.

    Not an MVP, but I had a lot of confidence seeing Maggs at the plate.

    For the ALCS, we need to get our other big bats straightened out. And we have to get Alburquerque back on track. (He’s a lot better than his 81.00 ALDS ERA!)

  23. I’m a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan (always will be), but I just wanted to visit a Tigers blog and mention that your team freaking rocked last night. The Tigers came in the underdogs, and Mr. Fister (who I’m glad is getting more run support than he was in Seattle) along with those bullpen masters behind him sent the Yanks home crying. That was among the gutsiest, most clutch pitching I’ve ever seen in the postseason. The Tigers are gonna win it all this year!

    1. Welcome! Thanks for the comments, and especially thanks for Mr. Fister. You got some good players in return, hopefully they will develop into something in Seattle. The Ghost (Casper Wells) seemed to show promise and was a bit of a favorite around here. Come back again, feel free to stop by for a Tigers-M’s series next season.

  24. I’m gonna do a full breakdown of the Rangers for the game post manana. Their lineup is just sick. Pitching can be had, however.

  25. Longtime reader here… great win last night! So glad this blog is still being maintained. So many great memories from seasons past 😀

  26. Well if St. Louis can hold off for the win then we will be the best team remaining out of the 4 teams left in this crappy league of uber-pathetic loser teams. yay for lameball tournaments!

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