News and Notes: 1.4.2011

Happy New Year all.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the bowl season.  A few things that I’ve compiled over the last few days.

– Bless You Boys posted a great note today which makes a case to put Trammell in the Hall of Fame.  Citing an article by Joe Posnanski, the crux of the argument is that Trammell excelled relative to his position, and should not be compared to today’s “slugging” shortstops.  Unfortunately, I don’t see it.  I see the argument, but I don’t see the votes.  And this is coming from a guy who uses Trammell references liberally in his password combos.

Higginson isn’t really in the running.

– Yanks show interest in Bonderman.  Take it for what it’s worth.

– A Miami columnist weighs in on the 3 team race in the central.  Nothing of note here, other than it must have been a slow news day in Miami.

– The USA Today ran a great organizational report yesterday, check it out here.

– Is Bryce Harper the next Al Kaline?

2 thoughts on “News and Notes: 1.4.2011”

  1. Interesting to reference Bobby Higginson and Al Kaline in the same article, but not comparing them. I think, from 1996 to 2002 Bobby WAS Al Kaline. Gosh, look at those hitting numbers, and he often led the league in assists. But then something happened, the switch turned off. If Bobby could have kept it up for another few years, he would have been a serious HoF candidate. And you know, he’s only 40 now. He could still be playing if fate dealt him a kinder blow. Some say the eyes went, some say the heart. I’ve even heard it was a drug thing. Whatever the culprit, for 7 years we had one of the best players in baseball. Hope you’re doing well Bobby!

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