Maxed Out

Max Scherzer didn’t really give his team a chance to win, and that’s pretty much the game story in a nutshell. Speaking of shells, Scherzer was pummeled early and often and the Tigers were down 7-0 nothing before they even got their bearings at Target Field.

In the first inning Jim Thome drove in the first run on a pitch low and away. Thome did a nice job with a tough pitch. The rest were pitches up and in the middle and pitches that Scherzer can’t make.

In Max’s defense Jim Reynolds wouldn’t give him calls on the edges of the strike zone, but Scherzer has to do a better job. Especially after the Tigers started to chip away. In a way the 5th inning which featured 2 walks after the Tigers had cut it to a 4 run deficit were just as damaging as the early inning barrage.

  • Brad Thomas didn’t exactly clean up Scherzer’s mess, but he did go 3.2 innings to finish the game.
  • Austin Jackson is damn entertaining to watch. He ended up with another 3 hits and a strike out free game. He has 5 games without a strikeout, 4 of them are against the Twins.
  • Brennan Boesch continues to impress at the plate with 2 more hits of his own and he just missed his 2nd homer.
  • Detroit went 0 for 11 with RISP. A couple of those outs did plate runs, but it also kep the rallies short and harmless.

Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins – May 3, 2010 – Wrap

2 thoughts on “Maxed Out”

  1. How much difference do you think the change in leagues will make in Scherzers performance? Do the D’backs play in a hitters park/pitchers park? I see a good arm but not much command so far.

  2. The D’backs play it the best hitting park in the Majors, according to the ratings. So the drop in talent in competition from NL to AL should be tempered by the chaning to a more pitching friendly park.

    Don’t worry about him. Lefty domiant lineups will give him trouble, as his career splits suggest. Minnesota and the Yanks will be tough matchups for him.

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