Game 2009.161: White Sox at Tigers

PREGAME: We’ll get this up early in case anybody is so inclined to follow along with the Twins/Royals game which gets started just after 4 p.m.

It’s Alfredo Figaro and Freddy Garcia doing battle today. Figaro has an okay start and a bad start under his belt this year. He also has a very solid multi-inning relief appearance against these same White Sox. I have no idea how he’ll do today but I don’t think he’ll be given a chance to cost the Tigers the game.

The Tigers started slow against Garcia but eventually got to him for 7 runs on 10 hits.

Chi White Sox vs. Detroit – October 3, 2009 | Gameday

Kansas City vs. Minnesota – October 3, 2009 | Gameday

POSTGAME: I wish I had something useful to say. I’m not a big believer in “choking” or playing tight or playing without passion. But those beliefs are being seriously challenged as the Tigers have mustered all of 1 frickin’ run in 2 games against the White Sox.

The Alfredo Figaro decision turned out to be a non-event. He wasn’t good but he was pulled before he could inflict any real damage. The result was essentially an Armando Galarraga start. And that damage to either pitcher would have been less had the Tigers defense not picked the same time to collapse.

If Placido Polanco starts the double play in the second inning, that saves a run. If Magglio Ordonez makes his sliding catch (not a routine play, but one that needs to be made) that saves another run.

Miguel Cabrera had a far bigger impact on the game than Figaro. Actually Cabrera’s failures are probably the biggest story of the series. Friday night he had 3 infield pop-outs and a strikeout. Tonight he once again failed to get a ball out of the infield and killed the Tigers last hope with a double play. There have been times when Cabrera has hit bullets at people that result in double plays. The last 2 nights he’s looked like he’s channeling the worst of Brandon Inge.

Adam Everett showed up and had a nice game. He had a couple nice, run-saving, defensive plays. He had a double and he just hooked a potential home run ball foul.

There’s nothing good to say right now.

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    1. “Three-Days-Rest?-No-Problem” Blackburn has other ideas…

      It would be pretty much par for the course for Blackburn to no-hit the Royals when they have Greinke on the mound. And yes, I’m trying to jinx him..

      1. Jinx accomplished.

        Time for the follow-up jinx..

        Hey, Blackburn is throwing a one-hit shutout against the Royals!

        1. It’s not working, is it?

          Blackburn now with the two-hit shutout through 6…but hey, he’s thrown over 70 pitches, so NO WAY he lasts past the 11th inning…

          (Why aren’t the Royals this lame when WE play them?)

    2. What a joke!!! What a choke!!! I have seen girls softball teams hit better and play with more emotion. They seem to sit there and think about the post game buffet (hopefully tacos again) This is one of the most shameful efforts I have seen in 40 yrs of watching baseball. Granderson should be sent to winter ball and taught how to bunt and put the ball in play. Inge should be in a batting cage all winter being pitched nothing but curveballs!. The only players worth a damn are Polonco(and he`ll be gone) and Verlander. Too bad he can`t pitch 3 out of 5 days. At least we would have a chance. I feel like I have played 161 games, the way you beg these guys to play. Absolutely discrasefull. GO TWINS!!!!!!!

  1. Blackburn pitching a perfect game through 4 (and he’s thrown a whole 47 pitches…way to make the guy pitching on 3 days rest work…how very Tigerish of them…)

    1. The Twins will drive up his pitch count, get a couple walks, steal a couple bases, and wait for the Royals to make a mistake, or wait for their bullpen. It depends on whether Blackburn can keep it up or not…

  2. Tigers are going to have to win tonight if they expect to have even the slightest of chances of winning the division. Why does it seem like Minnesota is in the driver seat when they are actually sitting shotgun?

    1. Know anybody getting married tomorrow? Any Texan types wanna help out and get Kevin a wedding invite for tomorrow?

  3. Maybe I’m not an idiot! Blow this game and they might not get to 85! Never underestimate the crappiness of the AL Central!

  4. Hmm, what happened to Greinke saving the Tigers today? Tigers will be lucky to even get the one game playoff at the Metrodome.

    Who would have thought the Twins would go 16-8 since September 6th when they were down 7 games? That is a .670 clip – incredible!

    Tigers record since Sept 6th – 10 – 14 which is good for a .420 winning percentage and coming perilously close to losing the division.

    1. Yeah, but this is good, they’re having to use Nathan to win today, and then if they have to use him again to save their win tomorrow, then he’ll be really tired for the playoff against us, in case it’s a save situation, and…oh, forget it…

  5. Well………….that plan of Greinke saving our bacon really worked out well for us, eh? The hitters will win or lose this for us. I cannot say it enough. Stop wishing for help from other teams and go take it. They still control their own destiny unless they choke again tonight. Just win and take care fo business. In a perverse way I’m glad KC is not making it easy for us. Ol’ Smoky was right about one thing: we won’t get any help this weekend.

    1. Yep. Remember Mr. X mocking those of us back in August who said to watch out for the Twins? Wonder if Mr. X still thinks the Twins are no threat to take the division.

  6. This division is on JL. They are playing a sub-par opponent and control their own destiny. Live up up the rep Jimmy.

    Coleman – I’ll crash if I have to.

    1. Your feeling is spot on, Skip. If this team was going to win it they would have done so a long time ago. Who blows a 7 game lead in 3 weeks?

  7. I just returned from a day at Youth soccer games where I was mocked by friends and others. The unanimous feeling was why save your best pitchers for the playoffs when you haven’t made the playoffs yet. Jim Leland is out of his mind.

    1. It seems to me that you and your friends and others don’t have a very good understanding of the situation. No one is being saved for the playoffs. What pitchers are you talking about?

  8. You must pitch Verlander tomorrow up a game or even! I know that really cripples your playoff chances but you don’t want a one game playoff in Minnesota at any cost.


  9. Verlander’s loss two Saturdays ago in the Twinkie Domes also plays dominate when Kelly lost the ball in the ceiling. Still time to play baseball and win. Let’s enjoy,

  10. Well, time to man up. Win two at home and you’re in. That seems reasonable. A one game playoff and the season is over, not because they can’t win in Minnesota but any team that has to play on Tuesday and fly and play the 102 win Yankees the next day has got little chance. Off to family obligation, c’mon Figaro make me a believer!

  11. Not like I have a great voice or anything, but this is no time for timidity, so here goes…

    Figaro! Figaro! FIGARO!

  12. Ha, 7-pitch inning for Garcia, they’ll be into their bullpen by the 12th inning, then look out!

  13. Is there another manager in baseball that would have put Figaro to start today? I can confidently say that there is not. Jim Leyland continues to prove that he is stupid.

  14. Blackburn gets the start for Minnesota on short rest…

    Porcello gets skipped for Figaro…

    Which team is serious about winning?

    1. The truth is, I understand resting Porcello. The kid has pitched a ton this year. WHy not Miner? Why not Galarraga even. Put a major league pitcher in there at least. I feel bad for Figaro in a away. WHy would you put that kid in that situation? It just really makes no sense.

  15. Everyone in the State of Michigan knew the Figaro start was a disaster waiting to happen. At least JL pulled him before it got out of control.

    Verlander tonight and Porcello tomorrow was the only sane play.

  16. I have to face this.

    The 2009 Tigers are not a good team. Medicore. The only reason for their being in first place is that the division is the worst in the land.

    Their legacy will be having lost the division championship on the very last day of the regular season after setting the pace for nearly 6 months.

  17. This is depressing.
    Why did we not start Porcello? This is a must-win, we have to go with our best available guy.
    At least he’ll be available for the now almost inevitable playoff on Tuesday (inevitable if Verlander can get a win tomorrow).

  18. God, this is just excruciating to watch. It would be one thing if I even felt we had a chance, but the way their bats are, 2 runs is more than enough.

  19. Cheers to Kris in SJC — someone is finally facing facts and reality and giving up on hope as a strategy. 2/3 of our line up are batting below .250 — yes below .250. That is a classic description of 3rd place team. Pitching and D are necessary elements of a winner but so is the ability to plate some damn runs (yes, I may be Capt. Obvious — perhaps Admiral). And I mean more than 2/game. Baseball is a funny game so maybe I’ll be proven wrong tonight but the 3rd place presence of this team has been looking us in the face for a long time.

  20. This is comical. Two days in a row we get screwed on a strike call and then slide and miss a blooper. Epic fail.

  21. Why could they not collapse in June? Then we would not have this silly and very embarrassing end of the year.

  22. We should pinch avila for laird next time he’s up. U make defensive subs when you’re ahead…why not make offensive ones when you’re behind?

  23. A few days ago ESPN made a big point that no team 3 games out with 4 to play has ever won the championship. A few years ago no one had ever come back from 0-3 to win the World Series either. Right now the handwriting is just starting to scrawl……..will be over soon.

  24. with the offense stinking the way it is, why not start sanitago instead of the paltry hitting everette?

  25. I swear Cabrera is just like A-Rod. He has great stats when it doesn’t matter, but when you need a hit…forget it. Maybe the stats would prove me wrong, but it sure seems that way. And not just tonight.

    That said, the game’s not over yet and neither is the season. Even if they lose tonight, they STILL control their own destiny. And if they can’t get it done, then I guess we just better accept that the Twins deserved it more.

    1. I agree with you, but that stats may not. I use to say that about Magglio a few years ago too…

    2. I was going to comment that Cabrera was a stud in the playoffs for the Marlins in ’03 when they won it, but with a lot less pressure on him to perform.

      1. Actually that was kind of interesting…Cabrera was cold (at the plate and in the field) at the start of the postseason and McKeon said, sorry guy, this is the playoffs, have a seat–and benched him for the 2nd game vs SF (it didn’t hurt that his back up at 3rd was the none-too-shabby Mike Lowell). I’ve heard people credit that with waking him up and getting his best for the rest of the postseason…for what it’s worth. (Can you imagine The Smoking Man doing that?)

  26. Yeah, sure. The sport commentators were abuzz last June about how no team had ever over come a deficit of some number of games (may it was 3) to win the Stanley Cup. Blah, blah, blah. Great stuff for sport writers and stats geeks at ESPN.

  27. Tigers, in classic style will blow the whole enchalada!!! To have a seven game lead at Labor day and still strugggling to clinch. What a joke!! Minnesota will give the Yankees a better series. Leylands pitching decisions absolutely befuddle me

  28. Well it was a nice dream wasn’t it? It’s a shame to go down so badly! What a sorry excuse of a end. If they had some fire, or gusto, or maybe even stole some signs, it would at least feel like they tried! I don’t think they wanted it bad enough! Maybe next year—yeah right!

  29. Well it was a nice dream wasn’t it? It’s a shame to go down so badly! What a sorry excuse of a end. If they had some fire, or gusto, or maybe even stole some signs, it would at least feel like they tried! I don’t think they wanted it bad enough! Maybe next year—yeah right!

  30. Leading the division for 4 1/2 months then to fall apart in the last week and a half unbelievable. How do you spell CHOKE ? It’s spelled DETROIT TIGERS. Prove me wrong boys, prove me wrong. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. OK, the drama in my life (the break-in at my son’s, my computer crashing) and now the Tigers are breaking my heart. I met a family today all decked out in Tiger gear. They attended last nght’s game and all were so excited to watch the gae tonigt. It was fun talking with them, but we all had that “sick to the stomach” looks in our eyes that gave away our feelings.

  32. Quite seriously, the love and passion unique to nationwide Tiger fans is going to take a fatal blow. In their history they have never collapsed in a situation like this with such huge consequences. If they lose it, and it looks like they will, this is not something that will be easily forgiven by anyone.
    By the way, fans, I would not count too much on Verlander tomorrow either. The whole team is on the skids and it is not possible for one person to save them.

    1. Someone should have probably taken a little extra time to make sure they all understood the instructions regarding “choking up” with 2 strikes…

  33. Counting on Verlander to save the day is like counting on Greinke today. He might keep the team you’re rooting for in the game, but you still have to hit the dang ball. Verlander could throw a perfect game, but at some point he’ll get lifted and unless the Tigers wake up, this season is over.

    I’ve never seen a Detroit team, in any sport, go through a complete choke job like this. They already had a playoff spot sewn up in 2006, that was much different. Though I could see them jumping out big tomorrow yet losing.

  34. If I didn’t know better you would think they were doing this on purpose. They are playing as if they are just going through the motions no enthusiasm no fire just listless like they don’t care. Even if they could somehow pull this thing out if Verlander pitches tomorrow and they win who would toe the mound if we have to have a 1 game playoff in Minnesota if Minnesota wins tomorrow or who would pitch in the 1st playoff game against the Yank’s if we get that far All I can say is GO!!! K.C. Royals we need your help.

  35. there are always two teams in every game and sometimes the other guys are just better…it’s not over yet and i’m still cheering my team on.

  36. At least with the don kelly play and now guillen and maggs horror show in the outfield there are ready made clips for highlight this historic collapse.

    Question. Will the Rogers score again in 2009?

  37. At least with the don kelly play and now guillen and maggs horror show in the outfield there are ready made clips for highlight this historic collapse.

    Question. Will the Tigers score again in 2009?

  38. I saw this astounding collapse coming a mile away. Once they began losing to the royals. The worse part is having the Twins winning the Central.

  39. They played with more fire when they were trying to avoid the all-time season loss record a few years back. I guess winning a division title isn’t as important.

  40. Just watch total junk pitches Cabrera continues to swing at………….like he does not see what he is doing or care.!

  41. Full disclosure: I used to rip him all the time. But this is where I miss pudge. Remember when he would get a double when the team was skidding? He’d slide into the bag, pop up quickly, and just generally show some fire. We have no hitters on this team who can get the rest of the guys fired up. And we look emotionally shot.

  42. It’s such a shame they couldn’t ask for a better group of dedicated, loyal and passionate fans just look at all the comments if we weren’t loyal to our TIGERS who would bother to even leave a comment of either praise or frustration if we didn’t care how they represent a great baseball town like DETROIT.

  43. Wow, Tiger fans…who rained on your parade? We were supposed to be fighting for fourth place in the Central this season, remember? This is an absolute treat to be watching my Tigers play meaningful games in October. Last season I stopped watching around August 10th.

    We are contending, this is a good thing.

    These are not the Lions here folks. One team our of 30 finishes the season with all their hopes and dreams fulfilled. Can’t win every single year…but we can enjoy the position the team is still in all the way to the last day of the regular season.

    You don’t suck Tigers. Way to go team, big years hitting, big years pitching, Rodney being so unRodney like. You are contending because you EARNED it. No one is giving the Tigers anything.

    I live in Minneapolis. You know who sucks the fun out of the game? Family Pohlad. Mike Illitch is the kind of owner most fans wish they had.

    Long post, but not even close to balancing out the whining on this game thread tonight. Wow, friends…

    (lecture ended, dismounting high horse)

    1. It is not the losing that hurts the fans. It’s the concurrent embarrassment given all the circumstances. I for one have never expected this team to get far in the playoffs. They won’t even if they make it. But to lose with the kind of lead they had hurts more than if they lose a closely fought season. It makes the team look really silly. Losing is part of being a fan. Being a fan of a silly team is not.

      1. It’s also about ending 22 years of frustration. A Divison title matters and if the Tigers piddle it away again Leyland’s legacy will be that he could never finish the job.

      2. The kind of lead they had? It’s been a narrow lead all season. Yeah, they had a nice little streak a month ago that inflated the lead briefly, but did you seriously think that was sustainable? It’s a mediocre team. Has been all year. They might end up losing to a slightly better mediocre team. Tell me again what the silly part is?

    2. Amen. I’m starting to worry about whether or not we’ll make it now, but most of the comments I’ve scanned are complete crap. A .525 team lost lost two straight games and might lose a third! Horrors! Collapse! Nonsense. We’re a mediocre team that EVEN STILL has a solid chance to eek out a division title. Quit yer bitchin and enjoy it.

  44. I hate to be the jerk, but I tire of the inevitable optimistic, cheery posts that come in the face of epic utter failure and collapse.

    Look, every team is supposed to try to win each year, with what they have. Second place sucks, no matter what the pre-season expectations are. Somehow the Tigers managed to do what they were supposed to for nearly the entire season, and right now they are playing like they want to be a fourth-place team.

    The Nationals have played with more heart these last 20 days.

    1. Epic? Really? Try watching the Mets each fall. They know something about epic failures. The Tigers’ winning percentage has been between .520 and .540 for almost the entire season. It will still be in that range when the season ends. The Twins and the Tigers are two equally average teams. The Twins have gotten hot at the right time and they might just win a photo finish. There’s nothing epic about this race, no matter how it ends. Hyperbole just makes you sound like a 14 year old.

    2. I respect your opinion Tom but would argue that 0 and 16 is epic utter failure and collapse, not what the Tigers are doing.

      Not to keep harping on the Lions, but they are an easy target to compare to.

      Will I be disappointed and demand/speculate changes if the Tigers were to finish out of first? Of course. I would not, however, be writing comments like “I’m going to kill myself” while on the final day of the regular season my cheering interest has an opportunity for a World Series run. Ya just have to get in.

      (If perchance the “kill myself” comment was not a result of a baseball game outcome and is a last ditch cry for help to the good folks of DTW…then G-D loves you, seek help, keep on fighting, your worth it, etc., etc.)

      -hopefully some playful sarcasm is detected in the writing of this post

  45. Tomorrow, if the Tigers end up losing, watch the reaction at Comerica. Tiger fans have historically cheered their team even when losing. But if they lose this in front of a home crowd, there is going to be a cascade of “boos” the likes of which sports in Detroit has never heard. The people are going to be both hurt and really angry.

    1. I know what you mean. I don’t live in Michigan anymore, but earlier this year, I was able to fly home and take my 60 year old dad to Comerica Park to watch a game from the “good seats” in the 2nd row behind home plate. He’d never been able to afford such good seats.

      And a few weeks ago, when the opportunity to get ALDS tickets came up, I told him to go ahead and register, because I’d take him to a playoff game too. He was so excited about the possibility of going. And now, it’s not going to happen, and I know it’s a huge disappointment to him, and to me. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to take my dad to a Tigers playoff game anymore.

      To all the eternal optimists and cheerleaders, this is why a lot of people here, and elsewhere, take this very badly. What looks like 2 shutouts in a row, at home, against a sub-.500 team, with the season on the line? Frankly, forget tomorrow, I think the Tigers deserve to be booed right now.

      1. My friends and I have 12 tickets to Game 3 of the ALDS. You think I’m not going to be disappointed if they lose the division? Of course I am. That’s life, though. If you thought they had the division locked up, you apparently haven’t been watching all season. This is a mediocre team. We only ever had the lead because the rest of the division sucks. Be grateful for that instead of cursing something that was obviously possible all along.

        1. If you want to be grateful for this pathetic display, then by all means do so. But don’t act like everyone else should share your emotions, and that any contrary feelings are not valid. That’s what so freaking annoying and infuriating.

          1. The season is a pathetic display? I’m sorry, but how many wins did you think this lineup was capable of producing? The last few games were a pathetic display? I suppose, but mediocre do that quite often over the course of a 162 game season.

            I share the feelings of disappointment that come along with what might be a bad finish to the season, but disrespecting the team is uncalled for. If you’re actually upset with the team, it’s only because you got unrealistic expectations at some point. Thus, your feelings invalid. They’re very real, I’m sure, but still unjustified.

        2. Jeff your logic is circular. Yes, this team has been .530 all season. So, does that mean we should have expected them to fritter away a 7 game lead. Well, why bother to watch or root if you have absolutely no expectations.

          1. The 7 game lead was an aberration. The Twins had a very bad week at the same exact time we had a very good week. The consensus for the past 10 months has been that the Tigers and Twins were fairly evenly matched. Aside from the occasional waxing and waning that comes with the sport, the consensus has been proven correct the whole time. If you expected the Tigers to high-step it into the end zone, you either overestimated the Tigers or underestimated the Twins.

            I absolutely have expectations, btw. You can check my posts if you don’t believe me, but at the beginning of the year, I expected that this was a team that could be atrocious if certain key players didn’t bounce back from last year, dominant if they all did, or mediocre if some did, but others didn’t. It was one of those teams that was impossible to pigeon-hole. By June, if not sooner, it was obvious that mediocrity was the answer. At that point, I was targeting a mid-80s season and hoping it would be enough to win a bad division. The reason I’m calmly accepting everything is because after months and months of baseball, they’re right where any sane person would expect this roster to be.

  46. Just think how exciting it will be tomorrow…the Tigers forcing a playoff when they score their lone run when Laird gets hit by a pitch, advances to 2nd on a balk, tags and advances to 3rd on a fly ball (running through a Hold sign from Lamont), and scores on a walkoff passed ball, as Justin Verlander pitches the 1st 14-inning no-hitter in baseball history…

    1. Don’t forget the top of the 14th magic with Guillen robbing Pierzynski of a homerun in left and subsequently picking off Podsednik at first to preserve the Verlander shutout. ‘Twill be replayed for months to come.

      1. Or the one in the 12th inning with Pierzynski on 2nd and 1 out and Guillen stumbles tracking down a fly ball–only to have Inge, who somehow had managed to get out in left behind Guillen, back him up, and catch the tipped ball from Guillen’s glove, then double-up Pierzynski at 2nd to keep the shutout alive. (All the best scenarios involve Pierzynski making an out).

    1. Tigers have 27 1st pitch GIDPs, which I believe still leads the league…Maggs and Miggs tied for most with 7 each, that’s 14 1st pitch GIDPs from the 3-4 hitters.

  47. Has Cabrera ever taken a first pitch with runners on in scoring position?

    If I note this, doesn’t it stand to reason that professionals will notice as well?

  48. Jeff – First, the expression “epic fail” is slang for “that’s really terrible.” It’s not meant to be taken literally. Ie I did not mean to say “if the Tigers don’t make the playoffs, this would be a failure of epic proportions.” I was commenting on the specific play. Similarly, had I said “just shoot me,” I wouldn’t have expected someone to do it.

    Second, I find it quite ironic that you are telling people here to calm down, when you are the only one riled up enough to single people out and name-call.

    So in sum, thanks for saying I sound like a 14 year-old and enjoy the game. Go tigers.

    1. My comment was in response to Tom, not you. I don’t have a problem with your usage of the word. To the extent that I’m singling anybody out, it’s just because I’m not going to take the time to reply to all 75 of the ridiculously negative posts. I just hate it when people turn this place into a giant bitchfest.

      It just boggles my mind that people can be so optimistic as to think this is a team that’s capable of dominating a division and simultaneously so pessimistic as to think they’re going to hand it away. It’s ridiculous. They’re not underachieving. They’re not choking. They’re just mediocre and they might not be good enough to hang on.

      1. I’ll repeat what I said above:

        If you want to be grateful for this pathetic display, then by all means do so. But don’t act like everyone else should share your emotions, and that any contrary feelings are not valid. That’s what so freaking annoying and infuriating.

        And no, a team doesn’t have to be “dominant” to score more than 1 run against a sub-.500 team in their crappy division. It is choking. The Royals, on Friday, fought back after being down 10 runs, and had the go-ahead run in scoring position in the 8th. The Nationals, the worst team in baseball, have been playing better. Minnesota hit Greinke for four runs in one inning; the Tigers can’t score more than 1 off of Freddy Garcia.

        At this point, it’s mental. That’s choking.

        1. The Tigers have lost 33 games against teams in the Central, most of whose teams are below .500. Was it choking when they lost division series in May? And what were you thinking when you decided a series against the white sox would be easy? They only have six fewer wins.

          The rest of your post is just cherry-picking and an astounding lack of appreciation for why a team has to play over 1500 innings each year. The best team in baseball so far this year was shut out five times, including once by a guy that wasn’t even good enough to make the Nats roster out of spring training. So what? That’s baseball. I don’t have a problem with anyone that would be disappointed if the Tigers fail to hold on, but anyone that can look at our roster and say the underperformed? Please. It’s a mediocre team doing its best. If you can’t grasp that, perhaps a simpler sport would be more up your alley.

      2. Good lord Jeff, lets say they are a mediocre team. Scoring one run at home against a crummy 3rd place team is choking plain and simple. They have had 3 games at home where they controlled their own destiny. They lost all three, not really contesting any of them. If you lose four at home to blow the division that’s a choke plain and simple.

        1. Why? Was it “choking” the other 10 times they went on 4-game losing streaks this year? Was it ‘heroic” when they went on 4-game winning streaks? If the better team always won, the tigers would have been 0-162 in 2003. It’s baseball. Get used to it.

          1. If you don’t think that baseball (or anything, for that matter) doesn’t have a mental element, then you are deluding yourself. This isn’t a computer simulation. And the Tigers are playing far, far worse than the stats would predict. I believe I read that, given the Twins and Tigers’ records, averages, etc., as calculated by Baseball Prospectus, they had a 96% chance to win the division, 2 up with 4 games to go.

          2. Jeff, if you don’t see the difference between dropping three in July and three in Sept/October when you only need one to win the title, well, I can’t help you. What if the Tigers are up 4-0 going into the ninth and Rodney gives up five runs tomorrow with two errors behind him? Would that just be the Tigers reverting to the mean or would that be a choke?

          3. I agree with Stephen here. If they don’t make the playoffs then it is a choke.

            Baseball is a mental game, pure and simple.

  49. Have these guys all made October vacation plans? Is Leland dying to get home to Katie and the kids? It has to be one or the other. I cannot digest any other conclusion.

  50. From ‘Casey at the Bat’

    Oh! somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.

  51. Yep, nice to be a Twinkie fan. I just trolling the blogs, enjoying the misery among the Tiger fans.

    1. Some fans find happiness from sharing happiness with others when their team wins. Others find happiness in others’ unhappiness. Psychologists make a lot of money off the latter group.

  52. Might as well throw the kitchen sink out there now they have tried about everything else. PITIFUL absolutely PITIFUL. No hitting, no pitching and team management that doesn’t seem to know what to do

  53. Just tuned in to see who pitched today: Figaro, Galarraga – REALLY!!!

    Was the EM trying to lose this game?

  54. Good will toward all, and to all a good night.

    Hopefully catch all you fine folks here tomorrow!

  55. It’s all tied up. A division race doesn’t get any tighter than this. May the best team win.

    1. Mr X, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, but your banality at times makes me want to put a fastball in your ear hole.

  56. As stated before — epic fail. Either way will be very happy tomorrow afternoon. Either we win the division or never have to see this miserable offense again errr until next April when they all cone back.

  57. Wow, we really stink. Hats off to Cabrera for his performance tonight. C’mon…
    (Note: If the Tigers win tomorrow and the Twins somehow lose, I will forget ever posting this.)

  58. I got nothin Just shaking my head for 3 days. Skipped work to go to the game Thursday, only game I’ve been to this year, hoping to feel the energy of a clinch game at Comerica. This is horrible. Even if they make it to play New York, do you think they can compete?

  59. I will check back tomorrow after the game so we can discuss personnel changes they should make….you know the post-mortem talk.

  60. College and professional sports are not all that dissimilar. Players in smaller markets earning mediocre salaries are much like college players, they have something to prove, they have honor, and they will excel to achieve to either make it to the professional level or attain greater compensation and fame.

    Not all the time, but many times(this current Tigers roster, case in point), when players achieve such lofty salaries(Magglio, Cabrera, etc.), human nature takes over, they become complacent and when protected by an agent and a union that will not allow performance clauses in contacts, they have no incentive to achieve.

    I have been a Tiger fan for over 25 years. In this time, they have won the world series once and a division one other time. It’s been 22 years since anything really dominating was put forth by this team. This organization is basically a business just like any other. There has to be accountability from the people at the top making the decisions. Have the players been underachievers? Oh absolutely. Has this been consistent and systemic? For certain. But the blame lies with the General Manager for allowing this to continue. What possible benefit is there to trading for a late 30s starting pitcher(Washburn) who prior to the trade discloses he has an injury issue and is uncertain of the remainder of his performance through 09? Just one example of the Gutter Snipe Dombrowski’s totally incompetence.

    I have over the years had a great level of disdain for the Minnesota Twins, but after today, I have gained respect for them and their entire organization. A team who has come back from a 7 game deficit a couple of weeks ago, to be on the verge of possibly winning the division tomorrow. A team w/about 1/3 the payroll as our roster, yet they win 95% of their games in the last month or so. A team which takes pride in cultivating talent at the grass roots of their farm club and lower, cultivating it and seeing it come to fruition in MLB. The Twins, as much as I hate them, deserve a huge congratulations today for a very impressive baseball performance. The Tigers, on the other hand, disgust me for their lack of professionalism, continued use of cliches(oh, the other team played loose . . .), and misreading of talent and atrocious management.

    They ought to be ashamed of themselves for what they have put each and every fan through this year. They do not deserve the fan loyalty this town awards them.

  61. Just when you think the Tigers had it wrapped up and they could not suck it away anymore they decide to see how bad a team can suck the last month plus of the season and still maybe win the division. Maybe they can pull it out tomorrow but this should have been over a couple weeks ago. It is either chocking or just being pitiful either way it sucks. Hopefully they can come back one more time and win tomorrow with a Twins loss.

  62. Yo Twins, I’m really happy for you, Imma gunna let you finish. But this could be one of the worst Tigers’ chokes of ALL TIME…OF ALL TIME!

  63. I have to agree with Rose. By in large, this season has been a very nice surprise. I did not expect much, and I have been able to basically enjoy it since May. The two trade deadline deals have been terrible and the collapse since September 7th has been miserable to watch, but nevertheless my 8 year old and I have enjoyed this a lot more than we have suffered. I actually expect the Tigers now to fully capitulate, which at least means we can stop worrying about this season and focus on other things. Moreover, as my brother is a passionate Yankee fan (I was born and raised in NYC), a month ago I was relishing a repeat of 2006 (with three near shutouts thrown by our staff), I no longer feel that way.

    It looks like a couple of tough years coming down the road, but who really knows. The arms are still young at least.

  64. Well, looking forward to tomorrow–how often do you get to experience simultaneously the double-Chicago-beating? And if all goes well and we’re very lucky we may even see Ozzie swearing and Cutler whining in sync…

    1. Your wedding yesterday was an ineffective one (no disrespect to bride or groom). You’re due. Get thee to a wedding..

  65. I woke up this morning at 5:20 am with my heart racing and have to be to work at 11;00. Couldn’t sleep. Can’t watch the game today…..but maybe tomorrow? I hope they put a beatin on Chicago. We’ve all seen this a hundred times. They can roar back like hungry Tigers. I hope so for all our sakes. Go Tigers!!!!! Catch ‘ya later!

  66. So Cabrera clearly had marks on the left side of his face and head last night. Did the announcers explain what happened? Was there a fight? Did he get hit during batting practice?

    1. Saw that too, but no mention of it as far I could tell…probably beat himself up or something.

      If all our guys step up today I think we can still pull out a spectacular victory and with a little more luck, who knows, maybe Minnesota will choke in their final game at the Metrodome – would love to see that metrobubble finally burst today!

  67. So a buddy of mine heard a rumor that Cabrera got into a bar fight on Friday night and was in the pokey overnight. Innocent until proven guilty though.

    Can everybody wake up and commiserate? I need some DTW therapy.

    1. I think a lot of people will hear a lot of things about Cabrera and his face. I’d prefer to not throw things around though. Something is amiss and I’d be content to leave it at that.

    2. If he was in the pokey that will come out eventually, no? Public record and all? I don’t know…big guy doesn’t seem like the fighting type, but maybe that’s just me..(which isn’t to say he’s not the falling flat on his face type) One thing is for certain though: Leyland’s “I didn’t notice it” is a bunch of horse*#!%!…

  68. My expectations are different today. I feel by having to use Verlander today, and they had to, the Tigs chance of doing playoff damage is nearly nil. I’d just be happy to win a game and at least force a playoff game. That’s how I’d define success for this season. Grab a share of the division and some dignity so the last three days isn’t what everyone remembers this team for.

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