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If you’re into talking Tigers prospects, Mark Anderson of TigsTown.com will be fielding questions for several hours tomorrow at Motownsports.com. This would be a great time to check out a great Tigers message board/community as well as get you question about Tigers prospects answered by a true expert. Mark has contacts with scouts and coaches and recently attended part of the Instructional League. The chat will take place on Monday at 4 p.m.

Here is the direct link to the thread where the chat will take place: 2008 Mark Anderson/TigsTown.com Chat – Monday, 10.20.08 (4:00 pm EST) – MotownSports.com Message Board

15 thoughts on “Tigers Prospect Chat”

  1. I’m happy for the Durbinator. Too bad Sheffield isn’t going to the World Series with the Rays. I had the deal all but arranged in late July. He and the Rays can only blame themselves.

  2. Smoking Loon, the Rays could of used Sheff when they got into those scuffles with the Yankees earlier in the season. He’s quite the brawler.

  3. Hey, not sure if I can make the chat. Would someone please ask Mark Anderson about Cale Iorg? Like, why is DD so high on him (an All Star soon??? MLB All Star?), and does he have even an outside chance of making the team (bench) if the SS situation changes?

  4. Smoking Loon: ‘Ron, Sheff lost all brawler credentials with me when Carmona got him in a headlock.”

    Actually that brawl put Sheffield in a new and more favorable light for me. Add in the appropriate sound effects and a few nyuk nyuks…see where I’m going? We just need to find him his Moe and Larry and I think he will become a fan favorite again….

    and re: Durbin. I foresee the series going to 7 games and all hinging on a Durbin/Pena moment…

  5. I kinda see Sheffield as a Moe (or is it Mo?) type already. Unfortunately, Larry (Todd Jones) has left the building. Miguel, well, there’s your Curly. If we have to go with an unorthodox Moe-Shemp-Curly lineup, I think Carlos Guillen could be a pretty good Shemp.

  6. That chat (read up after the fact) was really cool. I learned a lot. I’m back and forth between admiration and being entirely freaked out that there are fans who know so much about players in the Tigers organization top to bottom. I get dizzy just trying to put together my make-believe version of the 25-man Detroit roster for Opening Day 2009.

    At least I know who Polanco’s successor will be now. James Skelton!

  7. Smoking Loon – In fairness, it’s a bit beyond fandom for me, as it is a paying job to know that much about those prospects. While it’s not my primary source of income, it is a job where I’m paid to speak with coaches and scouts, make evaluations, conduct analysis, and rank prospects.

    Mark Anderson
    Managing Editor

  8. Smoking Loon: Mo? Oh dear. Sorry, you’re talking to a guy who was referred to as “Stooge Guy” in grad school. Suffice it to say Moe (née Moses Horwitz) would never ever ever be found in a headlock with his head being played like a bongo.

    This will make more sense once you understand that Moe Larry and Curly represent the Ego Superego and Id (which is why it’s funnier when Curly gets the business: he feels it physically, whereas Larry also “feels” it personally, as rebuke. And why when Curly is gone the Stooge psyche is unbalanced and Larry becomes demented.)

    All within the context of the socio-political commentary, obviously.

    Actually: now that I think of it…Larry=Leyland

  9. Mark A. – I’m glad (and a bit relieved) that you are paid for this work. It’s good of you to share some of your knowledge for free. As far as I could tell, you addressed each and every question. Very enjoyable chat. Thanks.

  10. OK, Stooge Guy, I was out of my league. I’m still pretty sure I remember Moe getting the business at least once in every film, whch only had the effect of redoubling the punishment inflicted upon Larry and Curly, of course.

  11. Smoking Loon: ‘ I’m still pretty sure I remember Moe getting the business at least once in every film, whch only had the effect of redoubling the punishment inflicted upon Larry and Curly, of course.”

    Exactly. To bring it back to Sheffield/Carmona, if Sheff (which sounds like a Stooge name already actually) was Moe instead of curly, after Carmona put him in a headlock and drummed on his head, Sheff would have done some version of the “misdirect his attention poke him in the eye” move, then pulled a pair of pliers out of his back pocket and grabbed Carmona’s nose with it. I wonder how many days off that would have earned him? I’m picturing a phone conversation between Bob and Bud: “um, pliers, you said?…there’s nothing in the guidelines about pliers..”

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