Looking ahead…or getting ahead of myself

Secure in the knowledge that the Tigers had won the series I decided to play some things out in my head. I indulged myself and thought about “what if” the Tigers managed to sweep the White Sox. What would come next.

Of course the Tigers start their interleague tour with 3 games against the Dodgers. And then 3 against the Giants, and then the Padres. Then series against the Cardinals and Rockies. And then the Twins and Mariners. And a couple against the Indians and 4 more against the Twins.

Why do I bring this up? Between now and the All Star break the Tigers have only 3 games on the schedule against teams that are above .500 and that would be against St. Louis. The Twins and Dodgers are in the vicinity of .500 and the Indians could get there by July. But even with 2 more left coast swings it isn’t a daunting schedule ahead.

Granted, those other teams are probably looking at the Tigers and thinking the same thing, but the Tigers certainly have a golden opportunity to bolster their record. A lot of it will come down to the cobbled together back end of the rotation to keep the team in the game. And maybe I’m a little too giddy after an unexpected sweep and an impressive 5 out 6 stretch. And I’ve been falsely optimistic following sweeps in the past (Yankees). But yes Tigers fans, there is a reason for hope over the next 28 games.