Game 81: Rockies at Tigers

PREGAME: Ah, good old game 81. The halfway point in the season. The point at which we can just multiply everything by 2 to see how the final numbers will look.

The Tigers try to close out the first half in style by capping a sweep of the Rockies. They’ll be going up against Greg Reynolds. Reynolds has some pretty scary peripherals. He’s given up 10 homers in 50.2 innings, which is almost as many guys as he’s struck out (15). That could be helpful as the Tigers trot out a lineup that most likely won’t have Magglio Ordonez or Pudge Rodriguez.

For the Tigers it will be Kenny Rogers. He was on the hill for their last loss, the series opener against the Cardinals. Rogers had trouble with his command and seemed to labor through his 5.1 innings.

Angel Hernandez will be the home plate umpire which should lead to lots of frustration for everyone. I’ll be listening to this one on the radio as I head back from Indianapolis, which may be for the best.

COL @ DET, Sunday, June 29, 2008 Game Preview –

Game Time 1:05

POSTGAME: I listened to the first 8 innings of this one. Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised when Dan and Jim were reporting that both umpires were upset with Angel Hernandez before the first innning had finished. By all accounts Kenny Rogers didn’t have an easy time of things, and From the Copa’s labeling of Rogers outing as Rasputin-esque seems accurate.

The Tigers offense were warming up for a rout in the first inning before things got tricky. Hits were abundant, but they were all singles save for a check swing double from Hollimon. That is until Dane Sardhina came up with his first big league hit, a 2 run triple. I have to admit I was wondering why Leyland wasn’t pinch hitting.

And props to Todd Jones. Leyland stuck his neck out running him out there 18 hours after Jones was rocked for 4 runs by the same team. Okay, maybe it was a stupid move. But Jones delivered a 1-2-3 inning bringing the first half of the season to a pleasant conclusion.
OOPS UPDATE: How did I forget the 2 innings that Freddy Dolsi pitched? The New Sexy, Freddy Solid, pitched 2 perfect innings with 3 strike outs. I had been lamenting his lack of K-ness of late and the trifecta today were his first since June 10th.

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  1. Bad news about Maggs. Hopefully we’ll see a full and speedy recovery. The one positive thing is to get a chance to see Matt Joyce back on the team. Hopefully he can fight off the free-swinging tendency that we saw earlier.

    Just as a side note, the 2007 Yankees were 40-41 after 81 games and finished with 94 wins. I think that is the measuring stick for what we can hope for in a turnaround season.

  2. Boy, Bill, you were right about Hernandez. Rogers just threw three straight strike threes on the lower outside corner and Todd Helton is now on first base with a walk.

  3. Long day for Kenny if he can’t get that call. I don’t know how the 2-2 pitch wasn’t a strike. Hernandez is gonna have me breaking crap today.

  4. Yeah, Billfer nice call on Hernandez. I think this is the only place I can visit and get a scouting report on the umps. Accurate too!

  5. billfer called it, Angel’s strike zone is a joke already. I hope he’s consistent for both pitchers.

  6. Wasn’t that first pitch to Curtis, which Hernadez called a strike, way low and outside compared to the pitches he called balls when Kenny was throwing?

  7. “I hope he’s consistent for both pitcher”

    Fat chance. It looks like he can’t even be consistant with the same pitcher, the same hitter on the same at bat. With Helton, pitch #2 (called strike) and pitch #6 (called ball) were in the exact same spot, according to gameday.

  8. Hernandez is a joke. I’m surprised he didn’t call the 2nd pitch to Guillen (one foot outside the zone) a strike.

  9. Man, is Angel Hernandez just out to prove what a big, bad guy he is, and make we all know he’s in charge?

    What is his deal?

  10. I can’t believe he didn’t give guillen time there…this guy couldn’t ump a little league game

  11. I was half expecting to post saying that Hernandez even blew the call at the plate, but it looks like he got that one right.

  12. I think if it’s on the outside corner, the rule is it’s a ball even if there is a swing

  13. I get the feeling that this game is going to be one of those where the Tigers are going to need a touchdown and a field goal to win it

  14. Haha! I don’t know about that swing…but that was a really good at bat for Hollimon. These young guys are playing well.

  15. 6 hits for the Rockies already. It’s the home umpire’s fault. He should be reported to the home office.

  16. I don’t know what kenny could do differently. He can’t get a call on the black and doesn’t have overpowering stuff. If he can’t use the whole plate, he’s screwed. And on top of that, the rockies have hit some decent ones.

  17. MLB wants to speed up games? How about instructing their umpires call pitches that are in the strike zone strikes.

    This is going to be a 4 hour game at this rate.

  18. atta boy Kenny…funny that almost every young pitcher cannot make that play becasue the fall off the mound so far on thiere follow thru..but Maddux-Glavine…Kenny easy DP

  19. DP is the Rockies’ friend too, unfortunately. Sardinha is an NL #9 hitter if you get my drift. Okay, one with a bit of power, but still . . .

  20. The DP has cost the Rockies much more than the Tigers. And the game is still in easy reach at 2-3. So I’m not going to complain.

    Also, nice to see Kenny get an easy 1-2-3 inning. Hopefully he’ll get another for the 6th.

  21. how can you go to the ballyard and put up and umbrella during the rain…that is just not real baseball

  22. I can’t get Gameday going at all today. Looks like a nail-biter. Keep me posted, please.

  23. sean all the action was early ..lots of runners but 4 DPs have cleared off alot of them..both teams 8 hits

  24. guillen called out on strikes to end the 5th. close call, but it looked like a strike.

  25. Thnaks, judpma. I just found out it wasn’t 3-3 but 3-2 Rockies. Wishful thinking aids blindness, I guess.

  26. Tigs have had a couple chances to make it 3-3 with runners on third but theold bug- a- boo of not getting them in has struck twice

  27. I’ve got Gameday on now, going into bottom 6th. Nice job, Kenny. Raining there? Bad?

  28. Kenny with a 1-2-3 6th.

    The rain is coming down harder, they’ll have to pull the tarp on at some point.

  29. do you get the impression Angel Hernandez just doesn’t like to put that right hand up and call a strike ,like it is just too much work

  30. I’ve got some virtual reality going here. I’m still soaked from getting caught in the rain walking an hour ago.

  31. I think he really doesn’t know which ones are strikes and which ones aren’t, judpma. No clue.

  32. You have to pinch hit for Sardinha one of these at-bats. You can’t keep letting a .200 hitter blow your shot to tie the game.

  33. a great example of the Kenny finish squared up and catch the ground ball vs most all young pitchers who now fall off and can’t catch a ball right over the pitching rubber. for a single..

  34. my goodness, as I say it, Sardinha gives the Tigers the lead with a triple.

    Stoopid poetic justice. 🙂

  35. Leyland can’t pinch hit for Sardinha without losing a backup catcher…. Anyway, why would you not want one of those sure-bet Sardinha 3-baggers?

  36. Ok, let’s see the bullpen boys nail it down at get us out of here with a win.

    Or better yet, just pour rain and call the rest of the game.

  37. How much fun to watch is this team right now? The contributions we’re getting from these call-ups is just awesome. I’m feeling some magic brewing!

  38. that was an awesome seeing eye triple cause at first it was a single ..kept rolling a double ..heck kept rolling a stand up triple….it must have killed a thousand worms along the way

  39. Sexy Freddy with a very nice 7th.

    I would still feel more comfortable with about 6 more runs.

  40. the three Toledo boys all with hit today!!! an everyone thought all the prospects were traded away

  41. I’d like to see overall league numbers for pitchers playing against their former teams. I bet the average ERA is about .5

  42. although how would u like to be the batter called out on that pitch he has called a ball which really is a strike 20 times today,but that time it was a strike

  43. Wow! Masterful job by Dolsi. Brilliant. Does Todd get a chance for redemption? I say yes. Wouldn’t complain about Zumaya, though.

  44. Woot! What a nice job by Jones. I have to give him credit. Coming back from that crappy outing last night with a 1,2,3 9th today is really impressive.

    And the Tigers have a winning record! What a stretch of games we’ve seen the past couple of weeks.

  45. Well, since I was critical of Jones yesterday, give him due credit for a fine 9th inning today.

  46. Damn it feels good to be a winning team again. Yes, I consider myself a part of the team.

  47. Kudos to Edgar for his part in the rally. He’s off the hook for yesterday’s error until the next one.

  48. nice home stand boys…lets take it on the road…make up some ground on the Twinkies……….Dolsi- Holliman- Clete–Sardinha all contribute ……who are these guys

  49. Tigers scrubs are second to none. Look what they done did this series. Raburn, Thomas, Hollimon, Sardinha.

  50. Tigers are cruising. 5 wins in a row. 17 wins out of 21 games. I knew they could do it.

  51. Well done, Jonesy. After I went to bat for you, you kinda owed me. 😉

    There’s an awful lot to celebrate in this win. Sardinha’s first hit was the stuff kids dream about when they imagine themselves in the big leagues. Another quality start for Rogers. And hello winning record.

  52. lets hear it for the scrubs…….they have put in a lot of good baseball with pitching —offense— and defense…..

  53. I’m not too worried about Shef yet. He crushed that first ball and still looks like he’s turning on balls quickly (although the last at-bat…was ugly). I think it’s just a usual little slump, nothing to do with any injuries.

  54. Sheff has broken about 5 bats in the last 2 games. Someone should get him some good lumber.

  55. Am I wrong, or did the Tigers no-hit the Rockies the last 5? I have to believe that would be unprecedented this season.

  56. Mark

    “You have to pinch hit for Sardinha one of these at-bats. You can’t keep letting a .200 hitter blow your shot to tie the game.”

    Too funny. I don’t think we should let you live this one down. At least not until the Tigers take over the top spot.

  57. Damn! the Twin girls won again. Well, at least the Tigers were able to close in a game on those bastards this weekend. Tigers need to take 2 of 3 against them

  58. After all the commotion made about our high-powered offense and its cavalcade of superstar hitters, how funny is it that our recent streak has been keyed at many times by the unknown likes of Thomas, Rayburn, Sardinha, etc.

    Just goes to show you never know what’s going to happen with this crazy game of baseball.

  59. Interleague play has concluded for the Tigers and man, did they clean up at 13-5. And the ownership of the NL west was a big part of that at 11-4. Nice!

  60. can we be traded to the National league..Twins -KC–Tigers about 50 wins in inter-league play

  61. I did not think the tigs would get back to .500 before the halfway point… good work, boys.

  62. Just watched the game. I recorded it. Nice job overall by Kenny. By far the best fielding pitcher in the league.

    Is there anyway we can transfer to the NL West.

    Great rebound for Jonesy. The crowd last night owes him an apology.

    On to Minnesota. 14 more days for Maggs

    I think this is just a reverse of the last two years. Slow 1st half Dominant 2nd half.

  63. Someone can check my math, but I think that is 42-14 in interleague play in the last 3 years…that is .750 ball. not too shabby

  64. If we ignore that 0-9 start, we’re 41-31 and that’s a .569 percentage. Extrapolate that out over the second half of the season and we’d have another 46 wins for a 87-75 record. I don’t think that’s enough for the playoffs but it’s encouraging progress for sure.

  65. Depending on whether you count the WS, the Tigers are either 42-12 or 43-16 in interleague play 2006-2008.

    The Tigers started 1-8, Steve, not 0-9. Man! Get it right.

  66. I hope Miggy and the Scrub gets picked up by the network for at least a couple weeks. More of the Carlos and Gary Super-Terrific Happy Hour wouldn’t hurt, either.

  67. What is this game of base ball I hear of being played in the fair city of Detroit these days?

    A fine ball club was promised to begin play in the year of 2008, but some scalawags seemed to take their place in the first two months of play.

    I am filled with joy that the correct team is now in place and making a rather fine showing for the fine citizens of Detroit and their legion of fans.


  68. “The Tigers started 1-8, Steve, not 0-9. Man! Get it right.”

    D’oh … but um yea, I’d say we’ve improved at least slightly. Thank god.

  69. “I think this is just a reverse of the last two years. Slow 1st half Dominant 2nd half.”

    West Coast, that’s what I’ve been thinking, even in the depths of the worst earlier this year. If it shapes up that way, I think we’ll all forget about April.

  70. “I’d say we’ve improved at least slightly”

    Yes. (Glad you realized I wasn’t being so serious.) It’s funny how many ways there are of looking at what has happened with the Tigers since they were ___ – ___.

    Since 0-7, they’re 41-33. Yeah!

    Since 7-13, they’re 34-27. Uh-huh.

    Since 14-15, they’re 27-25. Hmmm.

    Since 21-31, they’re 20-9. Wow.

    Since 24-36, they’re 17-4. OH MY GOD!

    I like the last one. Another 10 games at the current pace and my flashbacks to when they went 10-21 en route to bottoming out may subside.

  71. Stinks that Maggs is hurt, but we’ll just have to get on with it. The best part of the game today was the win, of course, and watching Kenny Rogers with his golden glove. He’s his own fielder. Absolutely amazing!

  72. It’s funny how many ways there are of looking at what has happened with the Tigers since they were ___ – ___.

    Haha… oh the beauty of making statistics work in favor of any argument. 🙂

  73. Billfer, I’m glad you revised your recap to acknowledge Dolsi’s 2 innings of relief. The guy was absolutely lights-out dominant. Rockies had no chance when he came in. None.

    During this month of successful baseball, he was easily the most useful setup man on the team. I don’t care if he skipped AA ball. The dude is ready now. And when Rodney and Zumaya ease back into their old form, this bullpen is going to be really good.

  74. A great game, I knew we had it in the bag the whole time.
    Great clutch hitting by Sardinha. Great bullpen work, with Todd Jones bouncing back nicely. And great contributions by the Toledo “Scrub Hens” players. Go Tigers.

  75. Twins were 27-34 in 2006, and finished 96-66.

    They won 19 of 20, lost 5 of 6, then won 12 of 13 (32-7 for a month and a half of ball). Maybe the Tigers are on that kind of streak now.

  76. What can I say, Sean. I have a gift for predicting the future. Or in the case of Sardinha, the anti-future. Too bad I have no idea which is which.

  77. I hate to be the wet blanket, because I’m excited too that the Tigers are playing better and have finally peeked over .500, but they have a couple of trends that need to be corrected.

    They are 10-19 (.345) against the AL Central
    They are 16-23 (.410) on the road

    This hot streak started with a sweep of the White Sox, but they have played only 6 road games, where they were 4-2 against SF and SD. They need to play a lot better against the division and on the road or they have no chance of getting to the postseason.

    They have 17 road games and 18 divisional games in July, so this month should be a good indicator of how much they have turned the corner.

  78. Yeppers. Big test begins tonight at the Nightmare Dome. 2 of 3 from the Twins would be pretty doggone good given the way the Twins are playing right now.

  79. Mark, obviously you bought in to the “old” Leyland way of managing and now since the ship has been righted, you have failed to jump on board. He is pulling off the ” George Costanza” move of doing the opposite of what his heart and instinct tells him to do. As Sean C. would say, “get with it, man”.

  80. We also played a lot of the AL Central at our very worst (swept by KC on Opening Day). I am excited to see how we take on the Central Division foes this time around. I just have a better feeling going to the dome this time than last time.

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