Tigers Announce 2008 Broadcast Schedule

The Tigers announced that 161 games will be broadcast this season, plus 4 spring training games. Detroit has been tabbed for 8 Saturday broadcasts on Fox and already 2 Sunday night games on ESPN (with the possibility of 3 more). The only game to not be telecast will be August 2nd against the Devil Rays.

The schedule is after the jump.


SPRING TRAINING: Mon. March 17 – Cincinnati, 1:00 (replay 7:00); Fri. March 21 – Toronto, 1:00;

Sun. March 23 – Cleveland, 1:00; Thu. March 27 – Philadelphia, 1:00 (replay 7:00)


Mon. March 31 KANSAS CITY 1:00 FSN (HD)/WJBK

Wed. April 2 KANSAS CITY 1:00 FSN


Fri. 4 CHI. WHITE SOX 1:00 FSN

Sat. 5 CHI. WHITE SOX 3:55 FOX


Tue. 8 at Boston 2:00 FSN

Wed. 9 at Boston 7:00 FSN PLUS

Thu. 10 at Boston 7:00 FSN

Fri. 11 at Chi. White Sox 8:00 FSN PLUS

Sat. 12 at Chi. White Sox 1:00 FSN

Sun. 13 at Chi. White Sox 2:00 FSN

Mon. 14 MINNESOTA 7:00 FSN


Wed. 16 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Thu. 17 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Fri. 18 at Toronto 7:00 FSN

Sat. 19 at Toronto 1:00 FSN

Sun. 20 at Toronto 1:00 FSN

Mon. 21 at Toronto 12:30 FSN

Tue. 22 TEXAS 7:00 FSN

Wed. 23 TEXAS 7:00 FSN

Thu. 24 TEXAS 1:00 FSN

Fri. 25 L.A. ANGELS 7:00 FSN

Sat. 26 L.A. ANGELS 3:55 FOX

Sun. 27 L.A. ANGELS 8:00 ESPN

Tue. 29 at N.Y. Yankees 7:00 FSN

Wed. 30 at N.Y. Yankees 7:00 FSN

Thu. May 1 at N.Y. Yankees 7:00 FSN

Fri. 2 at Minnesota 8:00 FSN

Sat. 3 at Minnesota 7:00 FSN

Sun. 4 at Minnesota 2:00 FSN

Mon. 5 BOSTON 7:00 FSN

Tue. 6 BOSTON 7:00 FSN

Wed. 7 BOSTON 7:00 FSN

Thu. 8 BOSTON 7:00 FSN

Fri. 9 N.Y. YANKEES 7:00 FSN

Sat. 10 N.Y. YANKEES 3:45 FOX

Sun. 11 N.Y. YANKEES 1:00 FSN

Tue. May 13 at Kansas City 8:00 FSN

Wed. 14 at Kansas City 8:00 FSN

Thu. 15 at Kansas City 2:00 FSN

Fri. 16 at Arizona 9:30 FSN

Sat. 17 at Arizona 8:00 FSN

Sun. 18 at Arizona 4:00 FSN

Tue. 20 SEATTLE 7:00 FSN

Wed. 21 SEATTLE 7:00 FSN

Thu. 22 SEATTLE 1:00 FSN

Fri. 23 MINNESOTA 7:00 FSN

Sat. 24 MINNESOTA 7:00 FSN

Sun. 25 MINNESOTA 1:00 FSN

Mon. 26 at L.A. Angels 9:00 FSN

Tue. 27 at L.A. Angels 10:00 FSN

Wed. 28 at L.A. Angels 10:00 FSN

Fri. 30 at Seattle 10:00 FSN

Sat. 31 at Seattle 3:55 FOX

Sun. June 1 at Seattle 4:00 FSN

Mon. 2 at Oakland 10:00 FSN

Tue. 3 at Oakland 10:00 FSN

Wed. 4 at Oakland 3:30 FSN





Tue. 10 CHI. WHITE SOX 7:00 FSN

Wed. 11 CHI. WHITE SOX 7:00 FSN

Thu. 12 CHI. WHITE SOX 1:00 FSN

Fri. 13 L.A. DODGERS 7:00 FSN

Sat. 14 L.A. DODGERS 3:55 FOX

Sun. 15 L.A. DODGERS 1:00 FSN

Mon. 16 at San Francisco 10:00 FSN

Tue. 17 at San Francisco 10:00 FSN

Wed. 18 at San Francisco 3:30 FSN

Fri. 20 at San Diego 10:00 FSN

Sat. 21 at San Diego 10:00 FSN

Sun. 22 at San Diego 4:00 FSN

Tue. 24 ST. LOUIS 7:00 FSN

Wed. 25 ST. LOUIS 7:00 FSN

Thu. 26 ST. LOUIS 1:00 FSN


2007 TIGERS TV SCHEDULE, continued…

Fri.. June 27 COLORADO 7:00 FSN

Sat. 28 COLORADO 7:00 FSN

Sun. 29 COLORADO 1:00 FSN

Mon. 30 at Minnesota 8:00 FSN

Tue. July 1 at Minnesota 8:00 FSN

Wed. 2 at Minnesota 1:00 FSN

Thu. 3 at Seattle 10:00 FSN

Fri. 4 at Seattle 4:00 FSN

Sat. 5 at Seattle 10:00 FSN

Sun. 6 at Seattle 4:00 FSN



Thu. 10 MINNESOTA 1:00 FSN

Fri. 11 MINNESOTA 7:00 FSN

Sat. 12 MINNESOTA 3:55 FOX

Sun. 13 MINNESOTA 1:00 FSN


Thu. 17 at Baltimore 7:00 FSN

Fri. 18 at Baltimore 7:00 FSN

Sat. 19 at Baltimore 7:00 FSN

Sun. 20 at Baltimore 1:30 FSN

Mon. 21 at Kansas City 8:00 FSN

Tue. 22 at Kansas City 8:00 FSN

Wed. 23 at Kansas City 2:00 FSN

Fri. 25 CHI. WHITE SOX 7:00 FSN

Sat. 26 CHI. WHITE SOX 7:00 FSN

Sun. 27 CHI. WHITE SOX 1:00 FSN

Mon. 28 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Tue. 29 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Wed. 30 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Thu. 31 at Cleveland 12:00 FSN

Fri. Aug. 1 at Tampa Bay 7:00 FSN

Sat. 2 at Tampa Bay 6:10 No TV

Sun. 3 at Tampa Bay 1:30 FSN

Tue. 5 at Chi. White Sox 8:00 FSN

Wed. 6 at Chi. White Sox 8:00 FSN

Thu. 7 at Chi. White Sox 8:00 FSN

Fri. 8 OAKLAND 7:00 FSN

Sat. 9 OAKLAND 7:00 FSN

Sun. 10 OAKLAND 1:00 FSN

Mon. 11 TORONTO 7:00 FSN

Tue. 12 TORONTO 7:00 FSN

Wed. 13 TORONTO 7:00 FSN

Thu. 14 TORONTO 1:00 FSN

Fri. Aug. 15 BALTIMORE 7:00 FSN

Sat. 16 BALTIMORE 7:00 FSN

Sun. 17 BALTIMORE 1:00 FSN

Mon. 18 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Tue. 19 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Wed. 20 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Fri. 22 at Kansas City 8:00 FSN

Sat. 23 at Kansas City 7:00 FSN

Sun. 24 at Kansas City 2:00 FSN

Mon. 25 CLEVELAND 7:00 FSN

Tue. 26 CLEVELAND 7:00 FSN

Wed. 27 CLEVELAND 7:00 FSN

Fri. 29 KANSAS CITY 7:00 FSN

Sat. 30 KANSAS CITY 7:00 FSN

Sun. 31 KANSAS CITY 1:00 FSN

Tue. Sept. 2 L.A. ANGELS 7:00 FSN

Wed. 3 L.A. ANGELS 7:00 FSN

Thu. 4 L.A. ANGELS 1:00 FSN

Fri. 5 at Minnesota 8:00 FSN

Sat. 6 at Minnesota 3:55 FOX

Sun. 7 at Minnesota 2:00 FSN

Mon. 8 OAKLAND 7:00 FSN

Tue. 9 OAKLAND 7:00 FSN

Wed. 10 OAKLAND 1:00 FSN

Fri. 12 at Chi. White Sox 8:00 FSN

Sat. 13 at Chi. White Sox 7:00 FSN

Sun. 14 at Chi. White Sox 2:00 FSN

Mon. 15 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Tue. 16 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Wed. 17 at Texas 8:00 FSN

Fri. 19 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Sat. 20 at Cleveland 7:00 FSN

Sun. 21 at Cleveland 1:00 FSN

Mon. 22 KANSAS CITY 7:00 FSN

Tue. 23 KANSAS CITY 7:00 FSN

Wed. 24 KANSAS CITY 7:00 FSN

Thu. 25 TAMPA BAY 1:00 FSN

Fri. 26 TAMPA BAY 7:00 FSN

Sat. 27 TAMPA BAY 7:00 FSN

Sun. 28 TAMPA BAY 1:00 FSN

FSN = FSN Detroit

FSN PLUS = alternate channel provided by cable/satellite providers (channel numbers to be announced)

FOX Saturday Baseball Game of the Week (available on WJBK FOX 2 in Detroit and regional FOX stations)

ESPN, ESPN2 = ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

WJBK = Opening Day Simulcast on WJBK FOX 2 in Detroit

(HD) = Game also on FSN HD

All dates/times subject to change. All times Eastern.

18 thoughts on “Tigers Announce 2008 Broadcast Schedule”

  1. Does anyone know how many games will be in HD on FSN this year? I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to get DirecTv just to get the Extra Innings package in HD. The Extra Innings Package add-on, SuperFan I think it’s called, has 2 HD channels that will show games, but I’m assuming if more than 2 games are on in HD, there is a chance the Tigers won’t be broadcast on one of those 2 channels. I have Comcast here in Nashville, and they refuse to offer the EI pacakage in HD for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s worth making the dish switch for just a few games in HD, but some are better than none.

    Can anyone out there that has Directv mind telling me how the HD quality is on Directv? I’ve been getting a mixed bag on that. For those of you with HD, you understand where I’m coming from…if something is in HD, I want to watch in HD. Any help with my dilemma would be appreciated.

  2. Hey Chris,

    I’ve been pretty happy with the D* HD feeds, though that has to be qualified by saying that some channels that *claim* to be broadcasting in HD are really more of a stretch-o-vision and while it’s clear, the stretched/zoomed resolution gives you a headache after about 30 seconds. That’s not D*’s fault, though, as they are dependent on the individual network for the feed. However, the channels that are really broadcasting in either 720p or 1080i look gorgeous. I’ve had the Sunday Ticket (and am contemplating MLB EI this year, weighing it against MLB.TV) and it’s pretty cool.

    As for the number of games in HD, they haven’t released the ’08 D* tv schedule yet. All that’s up on their site is still ’07 info. For more rumortalk, check out dbstalk.com (http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=113116 is the actual EI thread) and there’s more chattering/guessing than any one person needs to read…but some of it’s helpful. I’ll bet they have WAY more HD than last year, as that’s a market that’s begging to be filled, and they almost have to at this point — the consumer is demanding it.

    Bottom line — It’s pricey ($229 for EI + superfan, which you need for the HD), but those of us that’re out of market sometimes gotta do what we gotta do to see the fellas play.

  3. I’ve had the package 2 of the last 3 years with Comcast Digital and a regular TV. Sidenote, 2006 was the year I DIDN’T have it, hope I am not the curse. Anyway, this year I will be finally stepping up the HDTV and was planning on getting the package again, but am I going to be disappointed watching the games on an HDTV but not in HD? If it looks like a normal game on a normal TV I will be fine. Any input?

  4. Any particular reason that one game isn’t being broadcast? I know that the Devil Rays are in the AL too, but I’m rooting for them (‘cept when they play Detroit, obviously). I love all that young talent they have.

  5. Mike R: you beat me to the same question! Last year, there was one game vs. the Royals untelevised, but it was in April, when all the other stations had obligations to the Pistons/Wings, etc. This seems strange that an August game would be the single game left out.

    Although, we have a big wiffle ball tournament that day, so we won’t be able to watch anyway…

  6. That one game falls within Fox’s exclusive broadcast window, and Fox has chosen to air a different game instead.

  7. Bix in Boise…thanks for the input. I think I”m going to switch, Comcast won’t offer the Big Ten Network or the EI package in HD…so they’ve lost me as a customer. Anywho, I did some research a few weeks ago and all I saw that they are gong to have for Superfan is 2 HD channels and 1 HD channel that shows highlights. At least I’ll have the option with DTV to see HD games.

    David G…yeah, if you get an HDTV you won’t be able to see the games in HD with Comcast on the EI package. It will just be normal resolution and not in 16:9.

  8. Here I am contemplating whether I want to switch to T.V dinners so I can upgrade to the slightly less grainy version of MLB.com, while you all are discussing the quality of awesome HD versus super awesome HD. I may need to subscribe to CareerBuilder.com.

  9. Educate me please…

    What’s the difference between FSN and FSN-HD? Are they the same thing?

    Never mind, found my answer. Just needed look a little harder.

    ALSO, on the Tigers website schedule, I noticed an ESPN broadcast of a spring training game March 18th vs Washington.

  10. Chris — I think I’m going to go the MLB.tv route this year after all. Being able to watch Tiger games at work during the day is more important to me than having them on tv at night (we’re in the Mariners area with FOX sports NW, so we get a Seattle game almost every night anyway). Definitely will spring for the mlb.tv premium so I can do mosaic and better pic quality.

    Good luck with the EI package. I’ve been a D* subscriber for a long time, and while they have their issues, I’ve been pretty happy overall with everything they offer. I *will* be springing for march madness again this year for sure. Having all the games the first 4 days of the tournament is one of the greatest offers ever.

  11. Chris–

    your local phone provider may have a bundled deal with DirecTV. I live in Birmingham, and just dumped Charter for DirectTv and AT&T/Bellsouth bundled it with phone and DSL. Saved money and got the DTV Premier package, which blows Charter’s HD package away.

    Plus I now get FSN Detroit, which I didn’t before with Charter. Very good deal.

  12. I`ve been a mlb extra innings subscriber for several seasons and one of my pet peaves is that replays of games are mostly blacked out.The only exception to this is my local fsn detroit games and m.a.s.n. which shows both nationals and orioles games.Also at the beginning of 2007 indians replays were shown,then after a few weeks were blacked out again. On top of this many stations-nesn(redsox),sny(mets),sto(indians) even blackout repay games in winter.It seemsto me to be a individual station or team decision and not a mlb rule.You would think that if you pay a substanstial price for mlb e.i. you should be entitled to see all showings of games.I was interested in anyones comments.

  13. David G, I always get the MLBEI package and I have an HD tv, and yes it can be pretty darn painful to watch the game in non HD, stuff shot in HD is immaculate but the non HD stuff, sometimes looks like it was filmed underwater. I think I watched every sunday night baseball game last year just cuz they looked so dang good!
    I get it thru comcast and even called them last year cuz there was supposed to be one HD game a day, but comcast decided it didn’t want to broadcast that.

  14. Joey K- that is exactly why I’m making the switch to Directv. I have Comcast as well, and I read something where they have no plans to offer the Extra Innings Package in HD in the near future. So that is why I’m switching. I’ll let you guys know how it is once I get it.

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