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  1. But Derek Jeter’s a Gold Glover, right? So if Carlos is better than Jeter, he must be Gold Glove caliber, too?

    [Read the above in a sarcastic tone.]

  2. I tell myself it’s silly of me, but those pictures break my heart. My reaction upon seeing them was similar to when I found out it was official the stadium would be torn down, which is here.

  3. Growing up as a Tigers fan in Seattle with no ties to the Detroit area, I always held out hope that I could see a game in Tiger Stadium. Sad that it’ll never happen.

  4. Those pictures are REALLY depressing.
    Went to my first game July 27, 1971.
    Went to my last game September 27, 1999.
    RIP, old girl. We will always remember.

  5. Bobby –

    Thanks for sharing the bigger set. Those are all amazing, and amazingly sad at the same time.

    How did the opportunity come about?

  6. This bums me out, a lot. I never got to a game in Tiger Stadium. I often really wish that Comerica would’ve been a Tiger Stadium replica and more of a vertical stadium. Especially with how every stadium seemingly looks the same now. (See: The new Nationals Ballpark)

  7. I never got to Tiger Stadium, either. I was hoping hoping hoping they’d have a “One Last Visit” day for fans. It would have been my fist and last and only visit, and that would have been fine with me.

  8. Thanks, billfer…

    EXPOSURE.Detroit is a group I founded last year to help aspiring, up-and-coming photographers a chance to have exhibitions of their own — sometimes in coffee houses, sometimes in bars, etc. We take over a place, have a party, and hang our art for a month.

    One of the guys in the group called in a **bunch** of favors, and over the span of 3 months or so, hounded his contact at the City until – after unanimous approvals from about 12 boards – they allowed 20 of us a one-hour guided tour of the stadium. They said it has never happened before, and will never happen again – for anyone. We were shocked.

    We got the word last Thursday night that Friday (9/28) would be the day, between 2pm and 3pm. Most of us didn’t sleep at all the night before.

    It was simply amazing, both in the flood of memories that came back, and the amount of natural decay that 8 years had on the old girl. I think we also felt a strong responsibility to get this right. Collectively, we took near 1,300 photos, and covered almost everything we were allowed to see. No dressing rooms, unfortunately, or secret passages.

    We’re hoping (actually, pretty sure) that a publisher is going to be interested in this, as we’ve had countless inquiries about how to order copies.

    I really hope you enjoy them all.

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