links for 2007-09-25

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  1. Whatever you can say about Jones, you have to include that he’s always been a standup guy, good teammate and a class act.
    He’s obviously never been “dominant” and he makes you pull your hair out at times, but he’s still given his all every time and never hidden from his failures.
    I would wish him well, whatever happens.

  2. I love that guys that have been with the team for a few years, like Rogers and Jones, realize there is more to a team community that how much money you sign for. These are type of players I want to retire wearing the Olde English D.

  3. Amen Rings and tiff. I like having Jones as a Tiger for the reasons you mentioned. Obviously he’s not a sexy closer(flamethrower), but he gets the job done. I want him back.

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