Game 10: Tigers at Blue Jays

PREGAME: It’s an Opening Day rematch of Jeremy Bonderman and Roy Halladay tonight in Toronto. The Tigers have put together a few more walks and hits the past few days, but they’ll have a stiff test tonight.

Jim Leyland has juggled the line-up moving Pudge Rodriguez to the #3 spot and pushing everyone else down a spot. Beck reports that Pudge is 10 for 21 lifetime off of Halladay. My take on lineups is basically “whatever,” but when Carlos Guillen is hitting 6th something doesn’t feel right.

Speaking of match-ups, Bonderman avoided Matt Stairs in the opener, but his nemesis returns to the lineup tonight.

Game Time 7:07

Sure I’m bummed about the loss, but it is hard to be upset. It was a spectacular game with just incredible pitching on both sides. Yes Jeremy Bonderman deserved better, but neither pitch deserved to lose.

And I know there are people probably ready to jump on Fernando Rodney, but it was an infield single and 2 bunts. He didn’t get shelled and he threw strikes. It was just and unfortunate ending to a tremendous game. And that first bunt, yes it looked awkward and Rod Allen said it was Casey’s play. But Rodney got there first, was moving in the right direction and still couldn’t make the play. I’m not sure Casey would have gotten it either.

Of course not much offense to speak of tonight, but I don’t blame the hitters.

Tigers 1, Blue Jays 2

51 thoughts on “Game 10: Tigers at Blue Jays”

  1. Sean Casey is the least graceful person with two working legs that I have ever seen.

    But I can’t help but love that dude, even if he is average.

  2. Hey, is this thing on? Or do all of you just have lives that keep you away from your TV and computer on Friday nights?

  3. Present. Working around the house, WXYT streaming, periodically checking in here for some wisdom and entertainment. Quiet tonight, though.

  4. Hey, it IS Friday night. I’m sure some people have stuff to do. 🙂 Actually, this is my favorite way to enjoy the game–Dan and Jim on the radio, DTW and Yahoo Sports on my computer.

    Does anyone else smell extra innings? C’mon Tigs, now is the time. Still, Bonderman seems like he could go 10 tonight, doesn’t he?

  5. Haha…hilarious Billfer.

    Dude, how many of my fantasy pitchers are going to get worked over by zero run support?

    But I’m loving this action from a Tigers fan perspective.

    Let’s Go Tigers!

  6. Anne – I agree that at this rate Bonderman could go 10. Leyland won’t let him, but stranger things have happened. Let’s just hope there is a 10th.

  7. By the way Anne, I think Sheff wore 11 with ATL and NYC and 10 with LAD. I guess those cats to have a valid point.

  8. If I misjudged Sheff, then I apologize. I thought I read somewhere he had worn 3 previously, somewhere, but I may have gotten that wrong. If he’s trying to honor Tram, then that’s cool with me.

  9. All right, everybody – who’s your Tiger tonight (other than Bonderman)? Who’s going to get it done for us?

  10. Yeah, but like I said last night I think I really take issue with the fact that his number isn’t retired. The organization needs to recognize that dude properly.

    And that’s it! I’m done beating that dead horse!

  11. I was actually pretty impressed with Casey’s fielding last year. And Billfer, even you have commented on his ability to effectively dig crappy throws out of the dirt.

    My Tiger?

    How bout Gary Sheffield.

  12. Halladay is back in for the 10th?! This could be one of the best pitching duels this season. Can C-Mo do it again for us?

  13. You know, I’ve seen Carlos dip-lip a thousand times, but it never really registered that he was dipping.

    Is anyone else nervous with Rodney in this situation?

  14. I’m just nervous cuz we’re the visiting team in extra innings.

    But I’m not looking forward to the 3 minutes it takes Rodney to throw each pitch.

  15. upon watching the replay I guess it wasnt as bad as I thought, still, Kenny would’ve gotten one of those

  16. Well that sucks. Bondo didn’t deserve that, but I guess Halladay wouldn’t have deserved it either. However, I would have been ok with that.

  17. It does make one crazy to watch a team win like that. But that’s the beauty of baseball. Really a game that showcased such brilliant pitching, could only end with the epitome of small ball execution.

  18. I look back at this game and I see alot of first pitches swung at and grounded out to the infield. Granted the HR was a first pitch, however when a guy is on make him throw a few extra pitches is important.

    With Bondo’s pitch count as low as it was Leyland should have left him in. Taking him out was a psycological boost to the Jay’s.

    Lets get em tomorrow.

  19. when a guy is on make him throw a few extra pitches is important.

    When a guy is on, letting him get ahead in the count can be devastating.

    Either way, it’s just second-guessing. Roy was dealing and we lost. End of story.

  20. Maggs and Carlos chew, in addition to Bondo. I don’t recall ever seeing Brandon do it; he chews a lot of gum, though.

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