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So, how have everyone’s ticket-getting experiences been today? I got into the “virtual waiting room” and was in there for 40 minutes before my browser crashed. Did anybody else have better luck?

Meanwhile, the cheapest Opening Day tickets on StubHub are up to $138.

3:45PM UPDATE: Things seem to be running along smoother now. The Tigers just issued a release saying that as of 2:15pm both the Saturday, June 9 game against the New York Mets and the Saturday, August 25 game against the New York Yankees were already selling standing room only tickets. At that point nearly 61,000 tickets had been sold today. Combined with the 16,500 full season equivalents that puts 2007’s paid attendance already at nearly 1.4 million. In 2006, individual game sales for the entire first day, which included Opening Day, totaled only 29,000.

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  1. Wow, how is this any better than ticketmaser?! What a collosal waste of time, stubhub here I come.

  2. I too got stuck in the virtual waiting room. I held on for almost 75 minutes before getting out and trying again with no luck.

  3. Wow..I must have been lucky or something from reading others posts about this. I got in very quickly less than a minute. I had the offical time of the day on my desktop…it hit 10:00:01 and I hit the button…I was pre registered on tickets.com..and I was pretty much in and then once I was in I was able to get tickets to multiple games and not having to start over for each game like ticketmaster made you..I got great seats to Cards…Yankess..Twins and Red sox

  4. I just finished ordering my tix, no problem whatsoever. It took only a few minutes. I got 5 RF grandstand for the White Sox on April 22. I hate paying all the service fees they charge you online or over the phone, so when I go to that game, I’ll get the rest of the games we want right there at the park. A bit cheaper.
    Has anyone entered the lottery for opening day?

  5. I just checked back at 5pm and things were fine, but at 10am it was much slower, everyone had the same idea at 10.

  6. As of 5 pm all that was left for the Friday night Yankees game was Standing Room Only and the best available tickets for the Sunday afternoon game were in the Mezzanine.

    Depending on how many people you want to take to these games you can still get tickets. If its just you then you can get tickets to the Yankees on Saturday in the Terrace.

    Still good seats available for game 2. You don’t need to use the waiting room anymore.

    With the way the seats seem to be filled up I wouldn’t be shocked if they topped 100,000 tickets sold by the end of the weekend. This could be a 2.7 million+ type season for the Tigers. Which would be around 34,000 people per game.

  7. Went to the game today, not nearly as fun as the one on Thursday — we got spanked. The weather was a bit colder as well (though I can’t complain, you poor Michigan people… My dad says another 8-inches of snow hit GR yesterday).

    My bad luck with traffic continued and I missed Robertson’s pitching (though listening to it on MLB Audio after the game it sounds like he did well). I did see Monroe’s homer, and watched poor Grilli get shelled (he wasn’t fooling anyone). Dombrowski was there alternatively watching the game and talking on the phone. Someone that looked like Bill Laimbeer was also there (anyone know if it could actually be him?).

    I got a great shot of Granderson’s bat breaking on a ground out Here. There’s many more shots in that gallery too. Had great seats this time around, but the net was screwing with the focus on my camera so a bunch turned out poorly.

    Envious of you guys getting tickets to Comerica. The last time I was there it was a record loss in that awful season. I’ll have to make due with seeing them in Tampa again (awful stadium).


  8. I took advice from others about the virtual waiting room – click refresh yourself instead of waiting the 30 seconds. I waited 15 minutes before I learned this gem, then was in in two clicks, and got the games I wanted (although not the bleacher seats I prefer).

    Next time, forget the patience – KEEP CLICKING!

  9. I got great seats, granted thats for the series in Seattle! The M’s must not be drawing as well as in the past, it was much easier this year and scored greats seats for each one of the 4 games!

  10. Saturday morning, 10AM.
    70 minutes in the waiting room.
    “System is busy”.
    12:10 – SRO only for game I wanted.
    Go for another game.
    Back to waiting room.
    Only upper deck in the OF left by the time I got in, woudln’t take the time to drive to the game if those seats were free.

    Shut out for the first time in over 20 years.
    Was only trying for Yankee games.

    See a few pages of tickets on the scalper sites, so the system didn’t fail everyone. I’m hoping more tickets are released at a later date.

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