The trouble with work is that it tends to get in the way of hobbies, kind of like this blog. I was in San Luis Obispo this week, and I found myself with out a lot of time to write. The result is another crappy bullet point post.

4 game Fun
So the Tigers have been battling the weather, and losing. Fortunately, they’ve been battling their opponents and winning. The result if a 4 game, six day win streak. Without changing tactics, the Tigers have suddenly figured out how to win close games. Their wins include an extra inning one run game, another one run win, a two run win, and a blowout.

Finally, Trammell’s plan for a Farnsworth 7th, Urbina 8th, and Percival 9th came to fruition in last night’s contest. The 3 relievers protected a one run lead over the last 3 innings.

During the 4 game stretch, the Tigers starters have an ERA of 3.03, a K/9 of 7.1, and K/BB ratio of 3:1. The last two numbers are especially impressive considering that Mike Maroth pitched two of the games.

Top Heavy
Last night the Tigers’ first 5 hitters were a combined 7 for 18 for a .389/.450/.556 night. On the other hand, the bottom 4 hitters were a combined 0 fer 14 with 6 strikeouts (half of which belonged to Carlos Pena). The only offensive bright spot for the Tigers bottom hitters was a Craig Monroe sacrifice fly.

The good news is that the top of the order continues to produce. Brandon Inge, Ivan Rodriguez, Carlos Guillen, Rondell White, and Dmitri Young are a combined .354/.401/.551 with 82 runs created.

Picking their spots
Alan Trammell’s troops ahve only attempted 9 stolen bases this year, and they’ve been successful on all but one attempt. Conversely, opponents have tried 18 times to run on the Tigers, but have been gunned down 56% of the time.

Justin Time
So this Verlander kid might just work out. In last night’s start he through seven innings of two hit ball, striking out 12 against two walks.

7 thoughts on “Miscellaney”

  1. I have been one of Pena’s most ardent supporters over the last few seasons, but even I am now tiring of his crapitude at the dish. That boy Shelton (338/429/563) is simply freakin’ it in the International League. Let’s see what May brings at first base, eh?

  2. I would say “No, its never too early for love, Luke”, but I still feel the sting of Sleeth’s 2004 jump from Lakeland to Erie.

  3. Sleeth was good at Lakeland but not nearly as dominating:

    Lakeland A 3.31 5 4 11 11 1 0 0 68.0 60 29 25 3 18 65

    Verlander could be something special, and a Bonderman, Verlander, Sleeth, Ledezma and Robertson/Maroth rotation could be really good. Or they could all get hurt. Fingers crossed.

  4. Sean Douglass is smoking hot at Toledo. If he can keep it up for 10-15 starts he may have turned the corner and become a pitcher instead of a kid with an arm. That would be like finding a sack of $100 bills in the road.

  5. Yep Pena continues to frustrate. Who knows. Maybe he’ll switch teams at 28 and start hitting–much like our guy Guillen. However right now he’s pretty bad. I have a feeling that Shelton would make us miss Pena’s glove.

    We were lucky to win tonight’s (4/29) game against the sox. If that team could hit a lick we would’ve lost that game. Too many dudes not getting the ball over the plate. Granted the ump was calling a very tight zone, but walking that many dudes is unacceptable.

    Hey so is it just me or does the Tigers’ recent upswing coincide with Logan becoming a regular. That kid is playing great. Did you see that triple? Kid looks like Ichiro right now and his speed is really paying dividens.

  6. – The offense defintely runs more smoothly when guys like Inge and Logan are hitting. Its a plus having 7 or 8 guys hitting at or above league-average, as opposed to just 5 or 6. Fingers crossed on both of my hands that they can keep it up.

    – If memory serves, Sleeth started slowly at Lakeland, so perhaps Verlander has gotten a better jump on the season. Let’s check back on Justin when he gets to 68 innings and compare the lines, though he’s looking like a pretty good bet to beat Sleeth’s ’04.

    – As for Douglass … man I hope he is indeed that sack of $100 bills. Its not like he’s 30-years old chucking it in the IL; at 26 he’s theoretically young enough to expect him to get a little better.

    My only concern is that he’s done this before in the IL; his K/9, BB/9, and K:BB are right in line with his career minor league totals.

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