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Tigers good at catching the ball

20.04.2009 21 comments

In 2008 Detroit’s pitching was awful, but it had some help in allowing runs to score. After being a stellar defensive team in 2006 and a pretty good one in 2007, the ‘08 Tigers were awful. The team ranked 26th in UZR (-39 runs) and 24th in defensive efficiency. An emphasis on run prevention was the theme this offseason. And it seems to be working in the early going.

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Fangraphs now has UZR

07.12.2008 4 comments

Fangraphs continues to become the stat site for sabermetric player stats. Today they announce the addition of MGL’s UZR fielding system which is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated fielding systems available. UZR has been largely unavailable for the last several seasons because MGL has been consulting for big league teams. He’s posted […]

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