Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – 1.22.09

It’s the return of DTW live. Tune in at 9:30 ET tonight and will talk Tigers as they embark on their caravan. Topics include: well the bullpen of course, Verlander’s extension, the demise of WDFN and whatever else comes up. Hope to see you back here at 9:30.

We ended up covering quite a bit in this extended (44 minutes) edition. Once we get back to a regular posting schedule I’d like to keep these a little shorter.

Links from today’s show:

Detroit Tigers Weblog Live 12.12.08

Wrapping up the winter meetings…

In this episode I talk of disappointment with the Matt Joyce trade and why I don’t think Edwin Jackson is the guy to get. I also talk about how James Skelton shouldn’t have been left exposed in the Rule 5 draft. I speculate about whether or not the failed auto loan will impact the team.

Links from the show:

Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – 12.08.08

A very impromptu episode of DTW Live as we look at the day that was on the Tigers hot stove.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for watching. The archived version is below:

With an fairly exciting, or at least productive, day of the winter meetings in the books, I look at the impact of the Everett and Laird deals and speculate about how the Tigers will spend the rest of their money. There is also an extended question and answer session and I get mocked about my choice of beer.

You can leave comments in the video if you like, just click that little plus sign in the player and the comment goes right at the specific point where you hit the plus.

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Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – The Pilot

This is the DTW’s first foray into live web video. The show will kick off at 11 a.m. and you can watch it below. If you’d like to make comments you can head over to the page and join in the chat. I’ll be talking about the Tigers offseason, and the Jack Wilson rumors. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to tackle those as well.

I’ll try and archive this for later viewing after the show, and links I mention I will include in this post as well.

UPDATE: The archived version is now up below.

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Announcing Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – The Pilot

In an effort to enhance the site, I’ll be trying something new. I’m calling it Detroit Tigers Weblog Live, which is me streaming on I’ve never done this before, so that’s why I’m calling it the pilot.

Friday at 11 a.m. I’ll be “on the air” talking about the Tigers offseason and this whole Jack Wilson business. If you go to the site you’ll see the video and a chat box where you can mock me and ask questions. If things go as planned I’ll have the show recorded and I’ll post it later.

Hopefully you can tune in. Hopefully it works. Hopefully I don’t suck.