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Perusing PECOTA

30.01.2010 43 comments

Baseball Prospectus released the first run of their 2010 PECOTA numbers this week, which makes for much fun in the stat-centric baseball community. PECOTA differentiates itself from many of the other predictors by finding pools of comparable players to make their predictions. While the numbers are premium content (and can also be found in the printed annual), I will share a few of the items that jumped out at me about the Tigers.

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PECOTA hates the AL Central

10.02.2009 22 comments

Baseball Prospectus has posted the first iterations of the 2009 PECOTA numbers and have forecasted the divisions based on projected playing time and roster construction. Because we care about the Tigers around these parts I jumped immediately to the AL Central: CLE 84-79 MIN 79-83 DET 78-84 KAN 75-87 CHI 74-88 Wow. So the division […]

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