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Injuries for everyone

25.03.2009 6 comments

So the Tigers just get everybody back from the WBC, and then they lose Adam Everett and Nate Robertson in the first inning today. Everett sprained an ankle sliding into second and Robertson took a throw from Danny Worth on his pitching hand resulting in a sprained thumb. Neither injury sounds especially serious, but with […]

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Today’s 5th starter battle run down

21.03.2009 17 comments

I really wish there were other stories in this year’s camp, but aside from the fact that 4 of the team’s 5 most prominent offensive forces are on the other side of the country, it comes down to the battle for the rotation. Rick Porcello gets as big of a stage as you can during […]

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Did Porcello make the team?

13.03.2009 16 comments

Lynn Henning has been writing about Rick Porcello daily, basically imploring Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski to take him north. In fact it’s the only story he’s been writing about. (although I haven’t written about much either so I’m not really ragging on him for this). Well in this afternoon’s piece Henning says: Fans are […]

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Is it time for Rick Porcello

10.03.2009 81 comments

With a job in the rotation up for grabs, the leading incumbents have struggled. Dontrelle Willis has taken a step forward from his struggles last year, but it hasn’t been a big enough step to warrant a rotation spot. Nate Robertson, who I expected to pitch better this year, simply hasn’t. But Rick Porcello? The […]

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I’m looking for pitching

02.03.2009 19 comments

"I’m looking for pitching," Leyland said. "You can write whatever you want." That’s the message that Jim Leyland sent to reporters today when he announced that Rick Porcello would get a start on Wednesday. Further solidifying that Porcello might really be a rotation candidate this season. With Dontrelle Willis still shaky, Zach Miner getting rocked […]

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Knapp talks Tigers pitching

21.01.2009 6 comments

Lynn Henning caught up with pitching coach Rick Knapp. Knapp broke down the various members of his staff and it makes for a very interesting read. He talks about Justin Verlander’s arm slot and balance point (Verlander’s arm angle was a rich topic last year). With Nate Robertson it is falling off to the third […]

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Detroit Tigers Weblog Live – The Pilot

05.12.2008 17 comments

This is the DTW’s first foray into live web video. The show will kick off at 11 a.m. and you can watch it below. If you’d like to make comments you can head over to the page and join in the chat. I’ll be talking about the Tigers offseason, and the Jack Wilson rumors. […]

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Hitting em where they ain’t

29.11.2008 4 comments

We recently took a look at the Tigers team defense through the eyes of David Pinto’s Probabilistic Model of Range. As Pinto wraps up this season’s numbers, he calculated the PMR behind each pitcher. Not much went right for Nate Robertson this year, and it is little surprise that his woes were reflected in the […]

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Fun with the Bill James leaderboards

05.11.2008 4 comments

The Bill James Handbook is always one of the first baseball books to come out each year. It’s not a riveting narrative by any means and it consists largely of tables of numbers. But there are always some interesting pieces and there seems to be something new every year. Last year it was the Young […]

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2008 Offseason Preamble

05.10.2008 156 comments

With a disastrous season completed it is time to head into the offseason. Given the gravity of the collapse, you know with the high payroll and the last place-edness, there is probably a tendency to overreact and second-guess. While a deep dive analysis is definitely called for, there is also some inaccuracy being bandied about. […]

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Rotational Flux

07.09.2008 1 comment

The Tigers are going to be mixing and matching down the stretch it appears. Kenny Rogers will miss his next start. This is due to hip pain that is believed to be rendering him completely ineffective. (Yes, the old guy has a bad hip. The jokes seem to easy to make, but too easy to […]

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Nate Robertson booted from rotation

22.08.2008 10 comments

Nate Robertson is out of the rotation and headed to the bullpen. I don’t know if being in the pen for the remainder of the year will help a pitcher who is getting shelled like this, but he couldn’t stay in the rotation either. Robertson is fighting through something right now. I don’t know if […]

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