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This new lineup isn’t a temporary thing

14.08.2008 28 comments

The last 2 games have featured Magglio Ordonez hitting 3rd and Miguel Cabrera hitting clean-up. That’s going to last awhile, like into next season. I don’t think lineups make a huge difference, but it never felt right having a hitter like Cabrera batting below the clean-up spot. And with Leyland not liking to shuffle guys, […]

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Inventorying Miguel Cabrera’s locker

09.07.2008 28 comments

In the wake of Miguel Cabrera’s 2 homer performance on Tuesday, we learned a little bit about what Cabrera keeps in his locker and it seems to be an eclectic mix. He has 3 unopened candy bars. (yeah, yeah, weight jokes, yeah) We don’t know the brands, and I think this is pretty important information. […]

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Hey look, more injured Tigers

30.06.2008 17 comments

So Miguel Cabrera slides into the clean-up spot with Magglio Ordonez hitting the disabled list. And promptly gets hurt himself. The diagnosis is hip flexor and the duration is day-to-day. To add injury to injury, Pudge Rodriguez has spent the entire game grimacing and moving as if he is also in pain. This included a […]

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Shuffling the deck and rehab news

31.05.2008 10 comments

A cornucopia of Tigers news that has come out today. Jim Leyland is prepared to make some changes, even if it means hurting some feelings. The skip says: “So I’m going to change some things around here and see what happens. I think that’s important. As I said, I don’t know if it’s going to […]

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Miguel Cabrera in 150 words or less

12.05.2008 19 comments

In case you hadn’t heard the Tigers traded for Miguel Cabrera this off season. They then signed him to a record contract. Cabrera then felt a lot of pressure to perform, but started to hit better when Jim Leyland told him to relax. While he hit better his defense was a concern so the Tigers […]

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Junkballing: riding the river of news

07.05.2008 6 comments

A startling amount of news from the beat writers and analysis from bloggers today. Inge likes catching, Cabrera at first base, and more. Inge says catching is fun Brandon Inge is just too fascinating to resist. The very different views of his defense, the despair over his offense, the sympathy and lack of sympathy over […]

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Cabrera to first, Guillen to third

22.04.2008 67 comments

Huh. Wow. Huh. That was pretty much my reaction when I heard the news on my drive home from the game that Miguel Cabrera is the new first baseman and Carlos Guillen will be moving to third. Color me surprised. According to Beck Guillen saw it coming and Cabrera is okay with switching positions. Granted, […]

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Tigers have nocturnal bats

21.04.2008 5 comments

With this afternoon’s loss to the Blue Jays the Tigers record in day games now stands at a remarkable 0-10. A quick check of the splits reveals that the Tigers have been outscored 57 to 18 in day games. Yes, the offense has mustered less than 2 runs a game before the sun sets.

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Game 4: White Sox at Tigers

04.04.2008 164 comments

PREGAME:: A win, a win, my kingdom for a win. After having no luck with the Royals the Tigers turn their attention to the White Sox. For those worried that the Tigers have already dug themselves an insurmountable hole, fear not. Jamie Samuelson of WDFN and the Freep did some research and found that way […]

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THE CONTRACT is official

25.03.2008 1 comment

It’s kind of anti-climactic at this point, but the Miguel Cabrera deal has officially been announced. The deal is for 7 years and $141 million beyond the 1 year deal he signed for 2008. As speculated correctly here (I’m so rarely right I feel the need to claim it), $15 million is due in 2009. […]

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Junkballing: Almost too much to link to

24.03.2008 4 comments

A flurry of link worthy items, plus just being behind in general leads to the mother of all link round-ups: Injuries – left handed pitcher edition Bless You Boys picked up a Buster Olney report that scouts were speculating that Dontrelle Willis may be injured. That could certainly be part of his control problems. Then […]

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Reports: Tigers sign Cabrera to $153 million contract

22.03.2008 15 comments

credit Roger DeWitt is reporting that Miguel Cabrera and the Tigers have agreed to an 8 year contract totaling $153.3 million. The deal is to be announced Monday pending a physical. This is of course the biggest deal in franchise history, and it’s befitting a franchise caliber player. Locking Cabrera up long term was […]

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