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Why the Granderson take down?

13.12.2009 55 comments

Lynn Henning was ahead of the curve on the Curtis Granderson trade front. He started beating the drum for a Granderson trade in October. It’s something that I never would have seen coming. So kudos to Henning and his crystal ball. But why in the aftermath of the trade has he become so completely anti-Granderson and such a staunch supporter or all things Tigers?

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Henning on the Tigers left side defense

26.01.2009 22 comments

Lynn Henning writes today about the Tigers infield defensive improvements (emphasis mine): Those plus-minus ratings are part of compelling research done by scouts and video analysts for John Dewan, president of Baseball Info Solutions, and author of The Fielding Bible, a data-rich evaluation of major league defense that is carried by such Web sites as […]

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