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Why moving Cabrera could make it harder to keep Verlander

06.12.2009 3 comments

The good news for Tigers fans is that according to Jon Paul Morosi a couple of sources say it is unlikely that the Tigers trade Miguel Cabrera this week. Salary relief would of course be nice, but Morosi raises another good point. Trading away a team’s best player likely sends the wrong message to the player you’d like to keep around.

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Milton Bradley talks not close

06.12.2009 6 comments

Jon Heyman writes today that things aren’t very close in a proposed Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell swap between the Rays and the Cubs. This doesn’t have a direct impact on the Tigers, but it is worth watching because there is speculation that the Cubs would want to move Bradley before setting their sights on Curtis Granderson.

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Playing in the spray – Curtis Granderson

16.11.2009 25 comments

Curtis Granderson’s 2009 season has received plenty of scrutiny, and this was even before trade rumors crept up. His .249 batting average was the lowest of his career and it was a drag on his on base percentage and slugging percentage as well. We know batting average is volatile so did Granderson just suffer from some bad luck, or did something else change? Fortunately we have hit location data to help shed some light on these questions.

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More Granderson and Jackson rumors

13.11.2009 25 comments

I don’t know that we’ll cover every Tigers trade rumor here. It usually isn’t worth the effort, but there were some fairy significant reports regarding subjects of Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson.

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What the heck is going on (re: trade rumors)?

11.11.2009 49 comments

I don’t remember the general manager meetings being this interesting in past years. Most of the action seems to usually take place at the winter meetings that take place in December. This year the GM meetings have served Tigers fans up with a disconcerting set of rumors with the Tigers making most of the team available for trade. But does this qualify as a fire sale?

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All Star Game 2009

14.07.2009 16 comments

With four Tigers on the roster, it only seems fitting that we have a game thread. Plus it gives me a chance to catch-up on some All Star related linking. Most newsworthy and relevant is the fact that Evan Longoria is out with an infected ring finger. Michael Young will start at third base, but […]

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Tiger Striped All Stars

05.07.2009 21 comments

The Tigers are sending 3 representatives to the All Star game, and maybe one more. Justin Verlander, Edwin Jackson, and Curtis Granderson were all named to the AL All Star Game. Brandon Inge still has a chance ( a slim one) to get on the team if the fans vote him in. Verlander and his […]

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Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Inge

15.06.2009 55 comments

The campaigning has been going on since April when teams started to promote their players for the All Star Game. On basic principle I try to wait until at least June before filling out a ballot. So much changes so quick early in the season and hot starts can be misleading. But, with 60 games […]

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Granderson is not a cougar

This “the cougar” business has to stop

11.05.2009 22 comments

Curtis Granderson made a spectacular catch on Friday night, saving the game for Justin Verlander and the Tigers. There is an unfortunate by-product of this play though and that is the proliferation of a new moniker for Granderson. Unsatisfied with calling him by name, or even by Grandy, ESPN has taken it upon themselves to […]

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Giving for Grandy

06.04.2009 1 comment

I love the opportunity to promote good deeds from athletes, and it is fortunately becoming common place to talk about Curtis Granderson. He has a new program called Scoring for Schools in which you can pledge an amount for every run that Curtis scores. The pledges support the Grand Kids Foundation. If you pledge $0.28 […]

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Granderson’s Celebrity Shoot Out – 2009

18.01.2009 5 comments

It looked to be another successful event for Curtis Granderson and his Grand Kids Foundation. Depite some awful weather, there was still an impressive turnout of both fans and celebrities at Lake Orion High School. Granderson assembled and impressive roster of celebs and athletes with Michigan ties. The biggest in name value was probably Kid […]

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Granderson talks to Tiger Tales

16.12.2008 1 comment

Lee Panas of Detroit Tiger Tales recently interviewed Curtis Granderson. Lee asked several thoughtful questions and Granderson responded with some pretty thoughtful answers. My favorite was an exchange about Granderson’s defense last season: TT: In the past, you have indicated that you take pride in your defense and that you have worked hard on that […]

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