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Winter Meetings Day 3

09.12.2009 11 comments

As Tigers fans let us just hope that today is relatively boring. The Tigers will remain active and the roster will continue to change but hopefully we’re done with franchise-type players leaving. In the meantime here’s a recap of what happened yesterday – including some late notes – as well as a look at what may happen today.

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Tigers interested in George Sherrill?

07.12.2009 5 comments

For all the talk of the Tigers being broke, the Dodgers might be in a tougher situation. They didn’t offer any of their players arbitration and now they are looking to move players, including reliever George Sherrill. Matthew Pouilot notes that the Tigers might be a fit for a deal where Sherrill and a prospect […]

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Much ado about Carlos Guillen

21.10.2009 178 comments

Jason Beck caught up with Carlos Guillen late last week and a maelstrom was the result. Guillen wasn’t happy with the way Jim Leyland handled things at the end of the year. Leyland explained his side. The two talked. Leyland says everything is fine. Guillen isn’t saying much else. Guillen was wrong to go public with this. He’s wrong about his own abilities. But he’s far from a selfish teammate.

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Infirmary report and other thoughts

03.08.2009 2 comments

Aside from Joel Zumaya’s season ending surgery, the news is actually pretty good on the injury front. So much so that the only wound licking to take place should be residual pain of a 2-4 road trip. Carlos Guillen, already swinging a productive stick from the left side, could be playing in left field by […]

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Guillen activated, Anderson DFA’d

24.07.2009 23 comments

Carlos Guillen is back and Josh Anderson has been disignated for assignment. I expected this move, but not with this sequence. Another move will be required when Eddie Bonine gets activated tonight. Most likely a reliever goes down, perhaps Freddy Dolsi who hasn’t pitched for awhile. Then either Bonine will go to the pen or […]

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23.07.2009 16 comments

When things start to get really dire for the Tigers, I usually use this space to try and provide some perspective. This isn’t only for you the reader, but for me the Tigers fan as well. I’m really having to scrounge for perspective right now as the team has tanked since the All Star Break […]

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Tigers Minor League Wrap 7/23/09


Syracuse 1 Toledo 18 It took the Mud Hens 7 innings to out produce the Tigers post All Star break run total. Carlos Guillen went 3 for 4. Brent Clevlen homered 3 times. Lot’s of people got lots of hits. Check out the boxscore. And Chris Lambert went 8 innings and allowed just 1 run […]

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Tigers Minor League Wrap 7/19/09


Toledo 0 Buffalo 1 Don Kelly and Brent Dlugach had the only hits for Toledo. Chris Lambert allowed just 1 run on 4 hits and a walk with 3 K’s in 6 innings. Toledo 0 Buffalo 2 Don Kelly and Max St. Pierre went 2 for 3. Scott Sizemore doubled. Scot Drucker allowed 2 runs […]

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Tigers Minor League Wrap 7/17/09

18.07.2009 1 comment

Erie 7 Binghamton 8 Casper Wells homered and went 3 for 5. Alex Avila had 2 hits. Santo De Leon homered and walked. Pat Stanley was rocked for 8 runs on 5 walks and 7 hits in 3.1 innings. Robbie Weinhardt fanned 4 and allowed just 1 hit in 2.2 innings. Dunedin 8 Lakeland 11 […]

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Tigers Minor League Wrap 7/13/09, Guillen’s rehab

14.07.2009 18 comments

Toledo – DNP Akron 5 Erie 7 Deik Scram hit his 12th homer. Jeff Kunkel also homered. Andy Dirks, Cale Iorg, and Santo De Leon each had 2 hits. Thad Weber allowed 9 hits and 4 runs in 6.1 innings. West Michigan 7 Beloit 3 Ben Guez doubled, singled, and walked. Luke Putkonen allowed just […]

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Junk Balling – All Star break edition

12.07.2009 5 comments

A pile of links on the eve of the All Star break… If you find yourself a little bored with the Tigers game today, you can always flip over to ESPN and catch Scott Sizemore, the lone Tigers representative in the All Star Future’s game. With Polanco on the last year of his contract and […]

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Staging Bonderman, Thames Rehab, Guillen’s MRI

25.05.2009 33 comments

Once again it is time to wrap-up some injury news. Jeremy Bonderman Bonderman is set to make another rehab start for the Mud Hens on Tuesday night. It seems clear that while he has some things working, he is still building up arm strength. He was quite good for 5 innings before faltering his last […]

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