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    Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers

    Game 2015.42: Astros at Tigers

    Nick Castellanos had his biggest hit of the season last night, a slicing line drive with the bases juiced in the 8th inning. Castellanos was credited with a triple...

    Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers

    Game 2015.41: Brewers at Tigers

    Short and sweet for the win. We’re not gonna get swept at home, by the Brewers, are we? Baseball Reference game preview here. 1. Gose, CF 2. Kinsler, 2B...


    Game 2015.40: Brewers at Tigers

    (doesn’t he look injured in the pic above?) Victor Martinez and his inability to hit left handed (against right handed pitching) has been the most popular Tiger topic as...

    Lobstein 1

    Game 2015.39: Brewers at Tigers

    This one really snuck up on me…go Tigers. (I loved that bunt that Kinsler laid down last night. He’s such a ballplayer.) Baseball-Reference game preview here. Davis in LF...