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    Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera

    2014: The 2nd Inning (14-4)

    Were it not for that sweep-for-the-taking, regrettable Twins series at Comerica, this is a 16-2 run… So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Sanchez SP...


    2014: The 1st Inning (10-8)

    While this is partly inspired by the old Sam Hoff season-as-innings feature, I’m not going to go into statistics too much, least of all cumulative team stats. No, I’m...

    2014 MLB Playoffs 2

    2014 Playoffs Thread

    The Royals’ run is too incredible not to discuss it. We’ll let this thread serve as your learned DTW discussion thread for the next two weeks.

    DTW Coda2

    2014 Playoffs: Coda

    It’s with a great deal of angst and frustration that I write this. Admittedly, I’ve browsed a few articles here and there, and forced myself to stay with sporadic MLB highlights before...