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Pudge traded for Farnsworth

30.07.2008 103 comments

Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth? My first reaction was, and who else did the Tigers get? Rodriguez is having a fine season, and there are teams that are really looking for catching help. Besides the Yankees, the Marlins had also inquired and were turned away. In other words it was kind of a sellers market […]

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Tigers trade Bautista

26.06.2008 3 comments

I didn’t get a chance to touch on this last night because I had left for the game when the news hit. The Tigers traded Denny Bautista for Pittsburgh minor leaguer Kyle Pearson. With Bautista DFA’d the Tigers had 10 days to find a home for him. In exchange they get AA right hander Pearson. […]

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Jason Grilli traded!

30.04.2008 44 comments

The Tigers have dealt Jason Grilli to the Colorado Rockies for Zach Simons. This frees a spot for the activation of Francisco Cruceta who will join the team tomorrow. I’m surprised on a number of levels. That the Tigers would part with a pitcher given the woes of the starting rotation. The starters aren’t going […]

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The Coda

09.12.2007 36 comments

Wrapping up some outstanding items from what very well could be one of the most significant trades in franchise history… Replenishment Peter Gammons astutely pointed out that the Tigers were able to make this trade because of Ilitch’s and Dombrowski’s refusal to adhere to the asinine draft slotting system. Not only did a willingness to […]

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Tigerfest sells out and some other trade.

05.12.2007 19 comments

There is an unprecedented buzz around the Tigers right now. I know it by looking at my server logs, but a much less obscure measure is the fact that Tigerfest sold out in 24 hours. I was astounded when it sold out last year, and was prepared to move quickly. But I didn’t move quick […]

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The New Tigers speak

05.12.2007 10 comments

Now that the deal is official, people have permission to speak freely. And the new Tigers sound pretty excited to be heading North. Matt Sosnick, the agent for Dontrelle Willis, indicated that Willis is “incredibly excited” and that while the 2 sides hadn’t talked about a contract yet “He’s [Willis] hoping to stay in Detroit […]

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Chris Shelton era ends

05.12.2007 16 comments

Chris Shelton is now a Texas Ranger. The Tigers continued their active winter by dealing Shelton, who was DFA’d last week, for centerfielder Freddy Guzman. Guzman is a burner who led the PCL with 56 stolen bases last year. He’s about to turn 27 and he’s only amassed 37 big league games in his career, […]

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The Cabrera- Willis Trade – early returns

04.12.2007 27 comments

What’s being said about the trade of trades… Baseball Prospectus | Unfiltered Four is the number of relatively cheap arbitration-eligible seasons that the Tigers are picking up between Cabrera and Willis. Half of the league is willing to bend over backward — perhaps giving up a package analogous to what the Tigers just gave up […]

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Holy Freakin Crap

04.12.2007 98 comments

The Tigers have pulled off a franchise altering trade today sending former first round picks Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller, along with Mike Rabelo and 3 minor league pitchers to the Florida Marlins for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. When Dave Dombrowski decides to go for it, boy does he go for it. Like in […]

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Jones’n a day late

13.11.2007 11 comments

The Tigers make 2 moves, and my internet connection flakes out that night. As such, I’ll just wrap the analysis into one post. Before getting into the individual evaluations I wanted to note that with the Todd Jones signing, the Tigers payroll has eclipsed the $100 million mark. I have it pegged at $102 right […]

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Tigers Acquire Edgar Renteria

29.10.2007 96 comments

The Tigers traded for Edgar Renteria. They’ll send the Braves Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens. I’ll have more on this later when I digest it, but wow. Renteria is a nice player and affordable, but the Tigers just traded 2 of their top 4 prospects for a shortstop on the wrong side of 30. This […]

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When PTBNL becomes P and other roster moves

30.08.2007 9 comments

With the minor league seasons wrapping up, there’s no time like the present to name those players the Tigers acquired when dealing Mike Maroth and Craig Monroe. In the Maroth trade the Tigers get back reliever Chris Lambert, who certainly doesn’t have impressive numbers. Lee breaks it down, but the best part about Lambert may […]

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