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Tiger History

Catching up and cleaning up

19.03.2007 5 comments

Things have been lighter for the last week on the blog. Part of that is a lack of terribly interesting news coming out of Lakeland – which is a good thing. This offseason I’ve been trying to compensate for these lulls by cranking through some analysis. That’s kind of what I’ve been doing, I just […]

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Review: Detroit Tigers Vintage Films DVD from A & E

16.03.2007 1 comment

A & E television has been building quite the library of baseball DVDs over the last couple years. Looking to continue this trend and capitalize on the resurgence of the Detroit Tigers, they recently released a DVD featuring footage from the Tigers 3 post WWII World Series victories. Now none of the content is actually […]

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One of those link round-up posts

07.03.2007 21 comments

credit Roger DeWitt Miller Time John Sickels has another prospect smackdown, this time it is Andrew Miller vs. Adam Miller. Sickels gives a very slight edge to Adam Miller. Maybe a SLIGHT edge on intangibles for Adam Miller, Andrew gets a slight edge on tools, Adam gets a slight edge on current polish and performance, […]

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Best Tigers Pitching Seasons

18.02.2007 5 comments

We’ll wrap up our look at best and worst Tigers seasons of all time with the best Tigers pitching seasons. The methodology is quite simple, and if you’ve read the other parts of the series will look quite familiar. Using data from Baseball Reference PI I looked at the best seasons in terms of ERA+ […]

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Worst Tigers Pitching Seasons

15.02.2007 6 comments

Following up on last weeks look at the best and worst offensive seasons, we’ll look at the pitchers now. Armed with the power of the Baseball Reference Play Index I was able to pull the worst Tiger season in terms of ERA+ for those pitchers with at least 10 starts. Using the suckage index calculation […]

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Best Tiger Offensive Seasons

11.02.2007 11 comments

On Friday we took a look at the worst Tigers offensive seasons. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best. I’ll use a similar methodology to the suckage index only this we’ll call the awesomeness index. What I did was look for the top OPS+ seasons where the player had a minimum of […]

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Aircraft carriers, outfielders, and other news items

09.02.2007 5 comments

A whole pile of links, plus another great shot from spring training…

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Most Offensive Offensive Seasons

09.02.2007 15 comments

Have you ever wondered who had the worst offensive season of all time in a Tiger uniform? Well, I hadn’t either until this morning. I came across (via Knuckle Curve) a post at the Blue Jays blog Batters Box that looked at the worst pitching seasons in the organization’s history. This peaked my interest.

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Group Project: Preserving Tiger Stadium

31.01.2007 25 comments

Okay, so we’re not going to all start a campaign to save the old girl before she gets it from the wrecking ball. What I’m talking about is preserving some of Tiger Stadium’s history and charm. Moving some of Michigan and Trumbull to Montcalm and Witherall. A couple weeks ago I flashed back to the […]

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Tuesday Linking

23.01.2007 6 comments

Short and sweet… Sam swung by Tiger Stadium and as usual performed photographic wonder-ness. Bryan Smith has his top 75 prospect list up. Cameron Maybin is at #8 and Andrew Miller #12. Interesting article in the Washington Post on Nook Logan. Logan talks about the difficulties of losing his starting gig in Detroit. Brian and […]

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Quick Links

19.01.2007 2 comments

We’re over the hump of the offseason and news is flowing now. So these link posts might get to be more frequent. You’ve probably seen this, but Brian from Tigerblog interviewed Ernie Harwell for The Hardball Times. He did an excellent job with the interview so make sure to check it out (if you haven’t […]

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Trammell and Morris will wait for Hall call

09.01.2007 3 comments

While it was a great day for Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Alan Trammell and Jack Morris actually lost ground on their quest for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. In Trammell’s case it was his lowest vote percentage since he was added to the ballot in 2002. Trammell’s vote total has hovered in a […]

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