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Tiger History

Baseball Race and Integration Symposium

23.04.2008 3 comments

The very newly created Detroit Chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is hosting a pretty big program this weekend. The Baseball Race and Integration Symposium is a two day event looking at integration at the major league level. The itinerary includes a bus tour of historic Detroit baseball sites on Saturday. On […]

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Junkballing: Just a link dump


No rhyme, reason, or subheadings. Just a quick link dump as I watch Jair Jurrjens carve up the Pirates. Kaline or Clemente: Joe Posnanski tackles who was the better sixties right fielder. Tigers interested in Cordero?: Ian points to a report that the Tigers inquired about Chad Cordero during spring training. I don’t make too […]

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The best defense

30.01.2008 11 comments

Defensive metrics have evolved considerably as the charting of batted ball types and locations has become common place. PMR, UZR, and the like give us a much better understanding of defensive value, but what about past years. What about the years where there is play by play data, but not with the same level of […]

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Friday Warm-Up

25.01.2008 10 comments

With the thermometer rocketing all the way up to 7 degrees this morning, and spring training a few weeks away here are some items to try and keep you warm on a Friday. No heavy analysis here, just some diversions. The Tunes I was surfing around the WDFN website and came across some great audio. […]

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Trammell, grass, and the Hall of Fame

04.01.2008 25 comments

This year’s induction class for the Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced on Tuesday. And once again Alan Trammell will be on the outside looking in despite some compelling arguments that he should be in. I won’t make a case for him because quite frankly I’m fully aware of my bias. He was one […]

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The Coda

09.12.2007 36 comments

Wrapping up some outstanding items from what very well could be one of the most significant trades in franchise history… Replenishment Peter Gammons astutely pointed out that the Tigers were able to make this trade because of Ilitch’s and Dombrowski’s refusal to adhere to the asinine draft slotting system. Not only did a willingness to […]

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Visiting Tiger Stadium

02.11.2007 10 comments

Over the last couple weeks fans who purchased items in the Tiger Stadium auction were able to head down to the Michigan and Trumbull and pick up their items. There were some items that weren’t bid on, or discovered after the auction ended that were also available so I went to check it out. The […]

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Pinch Hitting: First game memories

03.10.2007 23 comments

Here’s where I hand it over to you the readers. Earlier this year I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my first Tigers game. I was able to pinpoint the date by searching through retrosheet. After seeing the amazing pictures that were taken of the Tiger Stadium last week, and the auction and upcoming demolition, it […]

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Tiger Stadium stuff up for auction

16.09.2007 8 comments

Sales began at 6:00 a.m. this morning for Tiger Stadium memorabilia, and by 9:00 a.m. the web site was already down. Nice. Even when the city of Detroit contracts with other people stuff gets screwed up. Still, you can get Tiger Stadium seats which are available on a first come first serve basis. For $279 […]

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Verlander says no-no

12.06.2007 44 comments

Reuters I wish I could type up something poetic or dramatic or chuck full of literary goodness. I don’t really have that in me, and I don’t think I could muster it right now anyways. But watching this unfold was a thing of beauty. Justin Verlander was good in the first inning, and better in […]

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Plan Okay’d to tear down Tiger Stadium

07.06.2007 9 comments

The Detroit Economic Development council approved a plan to tear down Tiger Stadium. The nearly $3 million cost will be offset by a web based memorabilia auction. The plan will be taken to the City Council in July. The plan calls for the preservation of the field for youth leagues while the site is redeveloped […]

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Tiger scented potpurri

23.03.2007 3 comments

A little bit of this and a little bit of that: More Curtis Curtis Granderson opened up his mailbag again. This time he talks about the high socks (love the high socks), his at-bat music, and bubble gum. Hard hitting stuff? Not at all. Interesting? I think so. I always liked how the Negro League […]

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