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Patience is a virtue and a technique

01.05.2008 13 comments

Early in the season during the time of the great losing, there were numerous complaints about the Tigers approach at the plate. They were going up their swinging early and swinging often. I didn’t totally buy into the theory because the pitches per plate appearance were in line with league norms. But we didn’t know […]

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Tigers have nocturnal bats

21.04.2008 5 comments

With this afternoon’s loss to the Blue Jays the Tigers record in day games now stands at a remarkable 0-10. A quick check of the splits reveals that the Tigers have been outscored 57 to 18 in day games. Yes, the offense has mustered less than 2 runs a game before the sun sets.

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Carlos Guillen appreciation time

16.04.2008 19 comments

There has been great consternation about the Tigers offense over these first few weeks, and rightly so. With things starting to take off, I wanted to step back and recognize the start that Guillen has put together. How many times have we heard during the complaints about the offense that Clete Thomas and Brandon Inge […]

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Debunking and validating the week of crapitude

07.04.2008 17 comments

I should clarify that title right away. There’s no debunking the crapitude of the week for Detroit, but just some of the complaints and theories. Regardless, I present a statistical tour of the week that left Tigers fan confused, irritated, and pissed off. The Tigers are too impatient This one is partially true. The Tigers […]

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Junkballing: Cuts like a knife


With spring training winding down, things are getting ironed out throughout the organization. For some players their dreams may be coming true, while others receive a sobering wake-up call. Minor issues My blogging brethren has done the heavy lifting on this, but there are a number of cuts and roster machinations taking place. (As an […]

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Junkballing: Baserunning, blocking, projections


Some of my Tiger blogging brethren have clever names for their link round up posts, like Bless You Boys “Like Stripes on the fur coat of a Tiger” or Mack Avenue Tigers “Bunt Singles” or Roar of the Tigers “Pug Marks.” Here’s my foray and we’ll call it Junkballing:

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Consistency is good


Lee Panas at Detroit Tiger Tales consistently produces interesting analysis.  Now he’s working on a study about consistency.  Fans love guys who they perceive as consistent performers, and tend to get infuriated with streak hitters (at least during the cold streaks).  It turns out that the fans are on to something as Lee found that consistent players have better results. 

But…there’s always a but.

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One more post on Comerica’s outfield

26.12.2007 4 comments

There are a few items that didn’t fit into the other posts about the outfield park factors that I wanted to wrap up. First I wanted to acknowledge some other work that was done. Chone calculated outfield park factors in the fall of 2006. I either missed this or completely forgot having seen it. Also, […]

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Outfield Park Factors part 2

19.12.2007 13 comments

Earlier in the week, I questioned the widely held belief of whether with an outfield like Comerica Park’s the Tigers should have 2 centerfielder-types to man the large left and center fields. Using park factors and looking at the rate at which balls in the air drop in for hits, we saw that fewer balls […]

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Comerica Park’s outfield is so big…

17.12.2007 5 comments

“How big is it?” You need 3 center fielders to cover all the ground out there Okay, as a joke it’s awful, but it is a common statement amongst Tigers fans. At the very least the belief is that multiple center fielder type players are required to man left and center fields. When you look […]

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The Tigers Defense – What are the Odds?

25.11.2007 16 comments

Over the last month or so, David Pinto has released the majority of his studies using his probabilistic model of range (PMR). Today we’ll delve into the Tigers defense using this advanced metric. I’ve explained PMR in the past, but a refresher is probably worthwhile. The PMR model uses data play by play data collected […]

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Bill James Handbook fun

11.11.2007 8 comments

Last week one of my favorite publications showed up on my doorstep – The Bill James Handbook. This year’s version doesn’t disappoint. I’ve already dropped references to +/- fielding metrics which are an important reference point for evaluating defense. The usual assortment of win shares, park factors, player stats, and projections are also available. There […]

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