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Not pounding the zone

06.01.2009 1 comment

Way back in 2008 I started to run a series using pitch f/x data to look at strike throwing tendencies. Sadly this is the slowest moving “series” of posts ever. Nonetheless, it’s time for part 3 where we look at how teams do when they get strikes outside of the zone. For this exercise I’m […]

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Tigers 2009 WAR Projections – Pitchers

31.12.2008 12 comments

Earlier in the week I posted my wins above replacement projections for the Tigers 2009 lineup. Today I turn my attention to the men on the mound. For the projections I used the Marcel 2009 FIP projection for pitcher ERA (available at Fangraphs). In terms of innings pitched, I used some judgment. I penciled in […]

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Tigers WAR Projections

28.12.2008 20 comments

It seems as if calculating wins above replacement, or WAR, has become the cool thing to do this offseason. We’ve delved into WAR here in the past when evaluating contracts. Now Fangraphs has made WAR available to the masses. Detroit Tiger Tales has already taken a look at the 08 Tigers numbers. And now a […]

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Fangraphs now has UZR

07.12.2008 4 comments

Fangraphs continues to become the stat site for sabermetric player stats. Today they announce the addition of MGL’s UZR fielding system which is widely regarded as one of the most sophisticated fielding systems available. UZR has been largely unavailable for the last several seasons because MGL has been consulting for big league teams. He’s posted […]

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Pounding the zone by count

16.11.2008 3 comments

In part 1 of the series I dumped some big tables in here that looked at the rate at which teams threw a)strikes and b)the ball in the strike zone. Today we’ll continue along the same path, but we’ll start to differentiate based on count. Pitches In the Strike Zone by Count In 2008 teams […]

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The Tigers according to PMR

15.11.2008 61 comments

The Tigers defense was the cause of much consternation this season, and rightly so. Now that David Pinto has released his PMR defensive metrics, we can take a detailed look at each position. If you’re not familiar with PMR, it is a system that looks at each ball hit into play and the probability that […]

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Fun with the Bill James leaderboards

05.11.2008 4 comments

The Bill James Handbook is always one of the first baseball books to come out each year. It’s not a riveting narrative by any means and it consists largely of tables of numbers. But there are always some interesting pieces and there seems to be something new every year. Last year it was the Young […]

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Most homers allowed by a reliever

15.09.2008 16 comments

As Kyle Farnsworth allowed his 15th homer of the year, I was curious as to whether he was chasing any kind of history. After all, 15 homers in less than 60 innings seems like kind of a lot. Over 200 innings that would be 50 homers. It turns out that Farnsworth isn’t even close to […]

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Random Friday factoids

01.08.2008 15 comments

Some stats and such that may or may not be interesting: Edgar Renteria might not totally suck Edgar Renteria is hitting 288/351/404 since the All Star Break. He is a career 290/347/404 hitter. He also has only 4 strike outs in his last 57 plate appearances (and 4 GIDP – eek). A return to normalcy […]

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About that 1-25 record…

24.05.2008 8 comments

It is quoted after nearly every game, with only the loss column frequently changing. Currently it is 1-25, with IT being the Tigers record in games in which they score 4 runs or less. Some people point to it as a sign of the pitching staff’s futility while others question why the offense is scoring […]

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The Second Inning – 2008

10.05.2008 16 comments

The following was compiled by DTW reader and commenter Sam Hoff. He breaks down the season into 18 game innings and reports how the team does. The 2nd Inning is over. Each 18 games represent 1 inning of a baseball season. The Tigers record for the first 2 innings in 2008: Starters: Bullpen: W-L RS […]

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Junkballing: riding the river of news

07.05.2008 6 comments

A startling amount of news from the beat writers and analysis from bloggers today. Inge likes catching, Cabrera at first base, and more. Inge says catching is fun Brandon Inge is just too fascinating to resist. The very different views of his defense, the despair over his offense, the sympathy and lack of sympathy over […]

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