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Detroit Tigers Weblog 2007 Year in Review

30.12.2007 13 comments

A look back at the year that was 2007 here at the Detroit Tigers Weblog… January The Tigers inked Timo Perez and Bobby Seay. Seay would turn out to be pretty good while who could have fathomed the consternation Timo would cause. I began writing more than most cared to know about first pitch swinging […]

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The Hardball Times Annual

19.11.2007 6 comments

Every week leading up to Christmas I’m going to have a post that details a terrific gift idea. Okay, not really. But I am going to plug the 2008 Hardball Times Baseball Annual!. Every year it is an incredible blend of commentary and hard core number crunching, so it has something for everyone – or […]

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DTW in the offseason

30.09.2007 3 comments

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone here. Thanks to everyone who participated in the comments which kept the site going when I was too worn out too. Thanks to all of the readers and subscribers who kept coming back day in and day out. The site averaged over 1000 visitors a day throughout […]

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Site upgrade

27.09.2007 3 comments

A couple of site tidbits I wanted to make you aware of. First, I upgraded the site this evening to WordPress 2.3. Everything went pretty smooth…I think. If you come across funky-ness or broken stuff, please let me know. And this of course would be the reason the site was unreachable or serving up a […]

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Blogger night at the ballpark

31.08.2007 6 comments

On September 11th Comerica Park will be overrun by bloggers. Okay, so maybe the park won’t be overrun, but one or two rows in the the pavilion will be chuck full of us. Myself, Ian from Bless You Boys, Eric from D-Town Baseball, Samara from Roar of the Tigers, Greg Eno from several places, Matt […]

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Happy Birthday to DTW

17.07.2007 29 comments

Is it okay to refer to DTW in the third person? I know it’s not really a person, but after 6 years it feels like it has a life of it’s own. That’s right, today marks the 6th birthday of the blog. I’m not going to say a whole lot since I just did a […]

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Let’s talk about me

11.07.2007 26 comments

With no baseball today, I wanted to do a little housekeeping and update you with some site news. Tweaking the look First of all I made a small tweak in the template. The content use to size down for an 800×600 resolution. This was kind of a pain in terms of the stylesheet and getting […]

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Stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere

15.05.2007 3 comments

You may have noticed I’ve been doing a little something different with link posts. I’ve been posting things to throughout the day, and then will dump them all into a blog post. It’s nice and convenient for me, but I don’t have as much room to comment. So tonight I’ll go old school. […]

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Final Cut DVD Winner

01.04.2007 3 comments

Now that everything has shaken out with the roster, I’m happy to announce that Lee Panas is winner of the Tigers World Series DVD in the Final Cut contest. There were 19 people who guessed a “correct” answer. When the Tigers cut the roster down on Monday to 28, any of the 11 players let […]

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Tiger Memories World Series DVD Give Away

28.03.2007 5 comments

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the Tigers World Series DVDs for the essay portion of the contest. Thanks to all those who entered.

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DTW is blushing

26.03.2007 14 comments

Once again it is all about me. First, Kurt points out that a few Tiger blogs are mentioned in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Actually, there are blogs listed for all teams where you can vote online for your favorites. SI is really reaching out to team bloggers by featuring their sites and headlines on the […]

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DVD give away reminder

23.03.2007 3 comments

Just a quick reminder that your entries for the World Series memories portion of the Tigers World Series DVD giveaway need to be in by noon on Saturday. As for the Final Cut portion, it sounds like we may have our winner announced on Monday. Jim Leyland anticipates whittling the roster down to 25 by […]

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