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Even More First Pitch Swinging – Starters vs Relievers

09.01.2007 4 comments

In the comments to the first first pitch swinging post Nate asked about the differences in the time of game reasoning that the value in wearing down a reliever is minimal. It was easy enough to break it down by starter versus reliever. The Tigers swung at the first pitch slightly more against relievers going […]

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More on first pitch swinging – runners on base

08.01.2007 8 comments

While I dispelled some of my issues with the Tigers and first pitch swinging, I still had some questions. I think many Tiger fans can remember what seemed like all those times there were runners on base only to see Magglio Ordonez (or any host of other Tiger hitters) take a swing at the first […]

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First pitch swinging

07.01.2007 9 comments

There were a couple ways to describe the Tigers approach at the plate in 2006. The optimist might say they were aggressive, the pessimist might say they were hack-tastic. I guess one measure of this might be their propensity for swinging at the first pitch. Now with the first pitch, 4 things can happen. There […]

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One Run Bummin

22.04.2005 10 comments

With the Tigers dropping to 0-5 in one run games this year, the fans are getting restless. Exacerbating the situation is the fact that the Tigers were 12-27 last year in one run contests. Of course it is necessary to assign blame. Typically success or failure in close games is attributed to the bullpen, the […]

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