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One more post on Comerica’s outfield

26.12.2007 4 comments

There are a few items that didn’t fit into the other posts about the outfield park factors that I wanted to wrap up. First I wanted to acknowledge some other work that was done. Chone calculated outfield park factors in the fall of 2006. I either missed this or completely forgot having seen it. Also, […]

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Outfield Park Factors part 2

19.12.2007 13 comments

Earlier in the week, I questioned the widely held belief of whether with an outfield like Comerica Park’s the Tigers should have 2 centerfielder-types to man the large left and center fields. Using park factors and looking at the rate at which balls in the air drop in for hits, we saw that fewer balls […]

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Comerica Park’s outfield is so big…

17.12.2007 5 comments

“How big is it?” You need 3 center fielders to cover all the ground out there Okay, as a joke it’s awful, but it is a common statement amongst Tigers fans. At the very least the belief is that multiple center fielder type players are required to man left and center fields. When you look […]

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Fish Eye on the Tigers

14.09.2007 6 comments

Dan Fox at Baseball Prospectus recently did a post where he used the enhanced gameday (aka pitch/fx) data to categorize hitters by eye. He broke hitters down into the following groups and subsequently created some pretty slick graphs. Square: This is the new metric, defined as the percentage of pitches in the strike zone swung […]

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Mike Rabelo – the anti-save

01.08.2007 26 comments

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but Todd Jones and Mike Rabelo don’t really go together. If Jones is peanut butter, Rabelo is asparagus and if you look back at the game logs you see that Mike Rabelo has caught half of games where Jones has allowed runs. Luckily it seems that Jim […]

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A different look at Andrew Miller

30.06.2007 14 comments

On Sunday, June 24th Andrew Miller took center stage on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball and promptly pitched 6 shut out innings. Miller only allowed 4 hits and 2 walks and was never really threatened. Was this a dominant performance by a young stud pitcher, or just another day at the office for the slumping Braves? […]

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A different look at the Bonderman-Halladay Duel

14.04.2007 12 comments

Taking advantage of the enhanced gameday data once again, I’ll take a look at Jeremy Bonderman’s and Roy Halladay’s awesome performances last night. We’ll start with Jeremy Bonderman. The table below shows the mix of pitches and results for Bonderman: It was a little surprising to see that Jeremy Bonderman didn’t miss that many bats […]

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A different look at Zumaya’s outing

13.04.2007 20 comments

I think everyone was mighty blown away by Joel Zumaya’s 2 inning save last night. He pounded the strike zone with 100mph plus heaters and buckled knees with his curve ball. But just for fun, and because we can, let’s take a look at all the pitches that made up his night. I don’t know […]

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More on battling with 2 strikes

22.02.2007 5 comments

Following up on yesterday’s look at 2 strike hitting, now we’ll look at what individual Tigers did in on the brink of striking out. The following table lists the Tigers hitters performance in all situations after the plate appearance reaches 2 strikes

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Battling with two strikes

21.02.2007 11 comments

Jim Leyland has 2 priorities this season. First he wants to improve baserunning. On that front it seems like he was reading Detroit Tiger Tales’ analysis. His other initiative is improving the Tigers batters approach when they are presented with a two strike count. The Tigers strike out a lot, which means they get to, […]

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Most Offensive Offensive Seasons

09.02.2007 15 comments

Have you ever wondered who had the worst offensive season of all time in a Tiger uniform? Well, I hadn’t either until this morning. I came across (via Knuckle Curve) a post at the Blue Jays blog Batters Box that looked at the worst pitching seasons in the organization’s history. This peaked my interest.

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Examining Depth of Plate Appearances

15.01.2007 8 comments

Certainly there is more to plate discipline than first pitch swinging. We’ve seen that the Tigers aggressiveness in that regard actually pays dividends. We also know that the Tigers strike out more than any other team in the American League and walk less than only the Cubs and Mariners. One hazard of first pitch swinging […]

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