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Sheffield talks about stuff

10.08.2008 58 comments

Gary Sheffield still isn’t happy with his DH role. In a Boston Globe article Sheffield was his typically candid self. “I can be in the outfield and play every day. I don’t want to DH. I don’t feel like a baseball player when I DH. I don’t know how to be the leader that I […]

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Random Friday factoids

01.08.2008 15 comments

Some stats and such that may or may not be interesting: Edgar Renteria might not totally suck Edgar Renteria is hitting 288/351/404 since the All Star Break. He is a career 290/347/404 hitter. He also has only 4 strike outs in his last 57 plate appearances (and 4 GIDP – eek). A return to normalcy […]

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A little Pudge appreciation

31.07.2008 61 comments

When I was driving home last night shortly after the trade came down, I was listening to WDFN. I was more than a little taken aback by the number of callers saying good-riddance to Ivan Rodriguez. While there may be something to that in terms of evaluating the trade, there also seemed to be a […]

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Is there hope for Renteria?

16.07.2008 65 comments

Edgar Renteria has had a half season that everybody would probably like to forget. The.259 batting average looks great compared to the .301 OBP and .326 slugging percentage. Couple this with the fact that Jair Jurrjens is pitching well and the Tigers are a long shot for the playoffs at this point, and the trade […]

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Inventorying Miguel Cabrera’s locker

09.07.2008 28 comments

In the wake of Miguel Cabrera’s 2 homer performance on Tuesday, we learned a little bit about what Cabrera keeps in his locker and it seems to be an eclectic mix. He has 3 unopened candy bars. (yeah, yeah, weight jokes, yeah) We don’t know the brands, and I think this is pretty important information. […]

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I will not title this post “Shef is cooking”

27.06.2008 52 comments

So maybe adding Gary Sheffield to the lineup won’t disrupt chemistry. Maybe the winning streak coinciding with Sheffield on the DL was coincidence and maybe he isn’t a cancer. And just maybe, the guy can still play. I was amazed at the number of people who thought there was causation in that Sheffield being on […]

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Is Freddy Dolsi the new sexy?

08.06.2008 18 comments

Editors note: This post has nothing resembling well reasoned analysis. This is simply the author’s enthusiastic response to two recent plate appearances. The views and opinions expressed below do not represent those of the more logically based billfer that normally resides in this corner of the internet. He’ll be back tomorrow.

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Justin Verlander in 150 words or less

13.05.2008 24 comments

Justin Verlander, the young stud pitcher and AL Rookie of the Year winner in 2006 was anointed ace of the Detroit staff and named the Opening Day starter. However with a 6.43 ERA and only one win he’s been anything but an ace. Early on there were concerns when his fastball lost velocity. He changed […]

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Miguel Cabrera in 150 words or less

12.05.2008 19 comments

In case you hadn’t heard the Tigers traded for Miguel Cabrera this off season. They then signed him to a record contract. Cabrera then felt a lot of pressure to perform, but started to hit better when Jim Leyland told him to relax. While he hit better his defense was a concern so the Tigers […]

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Do Bonderman’s pitches fool umpires?

21.03.2008 4 comments

An article at the Wall Street Journal delved into Jeremy Bonderman’s first inning struggles. Former pitching coach Bob Cluck wondered whether or not Bonderman’s struggles are attributable to umpires needing an inning to adjust to the movement on Bonderman’s pitches. The stats seem to support this theory. The last seven times Mr. Bonderman faced an […]

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Can you teach an old catcher new tricks?

12.03.2008 10 comments

Pudge Rodriguez’s power surge has been a pleasant surprise this spring. With two more homers today, he now has a MLB leading six for the spring. But as Jason Beck notes, Pudge is focusing less on the homers, and more on being patient. This is a guy after all, that is one of only 4 […]

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Remember when Inge wasn’t talking?

03.03.2008 39 comments

Brandon Inge, who keeps saying he just wants to play everyday, gets a chance to play and complains about it. “Catching right there absolutely reinforces that third-base is my all-time love,” Inge said. “It’s not even a question. If it came down to it, where I was just catching, I’d have to find a way […]

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