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Best Tiger Offensive Seasons

11.02.2007 11 comments

On Friday we took a look at the worst Tigers offensive seasons. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best. I’ll use a similar methodology to the suckage index only this we’ll call the awesomeness index. What I did was look for the top OPS+ seasons where the player had a minimum of […]

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Most Offensive Offensive Seasons

09.02.2007 15 comments

Have you ever wondered who had the worst offensive season of all time in a Tiger uniform? Well, I hadn’t either until this morning. I came across (via Knuckle Curve) a post at the Blue Jays blog Batters Box that looked at the worst pitching seasons in the organization’s history. This peaked my interest.

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Examining Depth of Plate Appearances

15.01.2007 8 comments

Certainly there is more to plate discipline than first pitch swinging. We’ve seen that the Tigers aggressiveness in that regard actually pays dividends. We also know that the Tigers strike out more than any other team in the American League and walk less than only the Cubs and Mariners. One hazard of first pitch swinging […]

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Even More First Pitch Swinging – Starters vs Relievers

09.01.2007 4 comments

In the comments to the first first pitch swinging post Nate asked about the differences in the time of game reasoning that the value in wearing down a reliever is minimal. It was easy enough to break it down by starter versus reliever. The Tigers swung at the first pitch slightly more against relievers going […]

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More on first pitch swinging – runners on base

08.01.2007 8 comments

While I dispelled some of my issues with the Tigers and first pitch swinging, I still had some questions. I think many Tiger fans can remember what seemed like all those times there were runners on base only to see Magglio Ordonez (or any host of other Tiger hitters) take a swing at the first […]

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First pitch swinging

07.01.2007 9 comments

There were a couple ways to describe the Tigers approach at the plate in 2006. The optimist might say they were aggressive, the pessimist might say they were hack-tastic. I guess one measure of this might be their propensity for swinging at the first pitch. Now with the first pitch, 4 things can happen. There […]

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Link round-up


Jim Leyland picked up the BA Manager of the Year Award. He takes after his boss, Dave Dombrowski who picked up the BA Executive of the Year Award last week. Lee and Sam both got new looks going into the new year. In addition to the new look, Lee is cranking out the analysis as […]

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The problem with Sean Casey

21.11.2006 47 comments

When Sean Casey was resgined I indicated I didn’t like the deal, but never really elaborated. My issue is that as nice a guy as Sean Casey is, he just isn’t very good. Offensively Casey is at best an average hitter. His OPS+ since 2002 looks like this (OPS+ indexes a players OPS against the […]

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Lloyd McClendon to be hitting coach

09.11.2006 24 comments

Jim Leyland has decided to move Lloyd McClendon in to the hitting coach vacancy that was created when Don Slaught resigned. McClendon of course served as bullpen coach last year and spent 4 years as the Pirates hitting coach. Jeff Jones will be promoted from Toledo to assume the role of bullpen coach. Jones had […]

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Slaught out as hitting coach

03.11.2006 5 comments

Don Slaught today resigned as hitting coach citing family concerns. Judging hitting coaches seems to be particularly difficult. You can look at statistics, but it is hard to know how the coach actually impacts it. In the Tigers case, the bulk of the players performed similar to their career marks. They added some home run […]

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I’m just saying

29.09.2006 3 comments

A collection of observations, links, and items of note from the last week: Ownership How many times did we hear this year that the Tigers own the Twins, and the White Sox own the Tigers? Now a popular refrain is that the A’s are a more favorable first round opponent than the Yankees because the […]

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Tiger Blogger Night Links

07.09.2006 11 comments

I had a great time with my fellow bloggers on Tuesday night despite the soggy losing-ness at Comerica Park. I’ll point you to Ian, Brian, and Samara who have done an excellent job wrapping up the night. But if you want one phrase to summarize the conversation it would have to be “What would Neifi […]

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